Thursday, February 5, 2009

Update on Abbie

For those of you who are wondering about is the latest update from her Aunt Katie!

Todays final update Abbie is continuing to do well. She is sitting up in a chair and eating chicken noodle soup. She is still very weak and tired, but this is from the medicine they give her when she needs it. She got up and went to the bathroom twice when my parents were there. She was also playing hand-held games and watching movies. She found the Ruth Lyons movie channel that just shows kids movies non stop. She was watching Kung Fu Panda today. Her eyes are doing good and her feet work perfectly. The nurses are saying she is doing remarkably well. Today they were getting her to move her hands, and do more on her own. Getting her drink, washing her hands, etc. Everything is working beautifully. Tomorrow they are going to try and get her walking the halls. Keep your fingers crossed. They said that the tumor is the size of a golf ball. I thought it was bigger, but a golf ball is big to be in your brain. We may not find the results until Friday. Since they got it out later in the day, it might take an extra day. Abbie said visitors can start coming tomorrow. She will still be weak, but she misses everyone. THanks again so much for all of the prayers. Words can't express what everyone praying means to us. All of the kind words people have been emailing me have helped a lot. Thanks again. I will send out another update tomorrow.


Also, if you would like to check out Abbie's CarePage where you can sign up and keep updated on her journey through this horrible ordeal and also leave her messages of inspiration or just let her know that you are thinking of her!

Thanks everyone for letting me know that you read the blog and that you were thinking of Abbie and her family and keeping them in your prayers. Sometimes, you would be amazed at what the power of prayer can do!

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