Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! A bit late, as usual, but Merry Christmas! It has been soooo busy around our house the past couple of weeks, so there has not been much time between running here and there to sit down and write. I love the holidays, but this year I think we had WAY too much Christmas! By Sunday we were totally done and so was Parker!

Our Christmas was good. This year was the first year that Parker REALLY got into opening his presents and it was so much fun to watch him open them up.

He really only had one thing on his mind in terms of what he wanted from Santa and that was a guitar! He has been wanting a guitar forever, because Parker thinks (and so do we) that he is a "rock star". He likes to play "rock star" and he does a darn good job of it. We did (or Santa did) get him a guitar, but once he opened it it wasn't the one he really wanted. It was one that you had to hook up an I-Pod to or a MP3 player, or he could wonder around with headphones on. He liked it, but you could tell he was a little let down. But, luckily just a couple of days before hand, Parker stared going to the potty on the big boy potty and we told him that if he pooped on the big boy potty he could have a REAL guitar. And, on Christmas Eve, he pooped on the potty. So, of course I rushed out the day after Christmas I rushed to Toys R Us and bought him a Spongebob Squarepants guitar, which he totally loves.

No better way to pass the time on the potty than play the guitar and write some songs. I about peed my pants when I walked in and saw him playing the guitar on the pot! Too funny. He also ended up getting another guitar from his Aunt Jana and Uncle Dave which along with the drums, and other instruments that he got has us stocked with stuff for a full fledged band! We have a rock star living in our house!

Beckett enjoyed himself as well. Although he has no idea what in the world was going on, he liked what he saw!

Next year will be a good year for him, as Beckett and big brother Parker will be able to open presents together!
Like I said, it was a pretty busy week for us. Christmas Eve we went to Scott's parents house to celebrate with his family. Christmas day we woke up and did presents here, Scott got a new coffee maker and a new coffee mug and I got some great smelling perfume. We went to my moms house to celebrate with her and my step-dad and my sisters and brothers. My Aunt Connie was there with her new beau, Dave and my cousin Elizabeth and her boyfriend, oh wait, I'm sorry, fiance Scott were there (congrats to them!). Then we headed to my Uncles house to celebrate with my dads family. Friday we went to my dad and step-moms house and did Christmas there and then Saturday we went back there and celebrated with some more family. It was very busy, but also very nice to be with family. Christmas is my favorite time of year and although it was so crazy, I'm a little sad that it is over.
So, now onto New Years! Tomorrow is New Years Eve and Scott and I are hosting a party. Although I feel like I'm not very prepared for it, but I think (I hope) it will be fun! All of our close and good friends are coming over to ring in the new year with us and I cannot wait. Then a couple of days of relaxing and back to work I go (more on that depressing topic later!)
So, I will probably post on New Years day, so until then...Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

What was I thinking?

Right after we graduated high school (10 short years ago!) we all went to Panama City Beach Florida as many high school graduates do. While on the plane on the way there I decided that I wanted to get my nose pierced. So, right after getting checked into our hotel me and my group of friends went straight across the street to a little shop that did piercings and tatoos. And, I did it. I got a nose ring. And, it was an actual ring. At that time and at that particular place they didn' t have the tiny little studs all they had were those rings, and that is what I had. I loved it. Scott got to Panama a couple of days later and he hated it. He said that it looked trashy...and looking back....it did. It was big and gawdy and 2 weeks after being home from Florida we took it out. Scott and I sat at his kitchen table and messed with it for hours before I was finally able to get it out.

So, recently I've been thinking that I wanted to do it again. But, this time I just wanted the tiny little stud that I should have gotten in the first place. I told Scott this and he told me that I was nuts, why in the world at the age of 28 and with two children would I want to get this done again? But, I really wanted it done. So, I tell me little sisters this and they wanted it done too. So, we decided we were all going to go and do it together. And, we did...well, me and Rachael did anyway. We did it...today.

I was pretty excited after we got it done. I had it done and I like it. But, now, after coming home and getting out that "excitement" stage I'm wondering if it was a huge mistake. I mean, I AM 28 years old..and I'm a mom! Moms don't have their noses pierced. Scott told me he thinks that I'm going through a "quarter-life crisis". I'm not, it's just something that I personally think is cute and wanted to do it again (and maybe prove to myself I'm not getting old and that I'm still young enough to do something like that). Scott, of course hates it. He said that he thinks that ALL facial piercings are trashy, but this one is tiny really and it's not bad. But, he hates it. And, I'm doing the same thing that I did the last time. He doesn't like it so I feel like I have to take it out. And, now I'm questioning myself.
What the hell was I thinking???!!! I cannot believe that i did this AGAIN! And, I'm old..too old to be doing crap like this, right? I mean, how can I do this when i'm a MOM for goodness sakes! How can people take me seriously as a mother when I have a freakin piercing in my nose! And, not one that I've had pre-babies..but one that I got after both of them were born! I'm an idiot....go ahead and tell me. Because with Christmas being this week, I'm sure I'm going to hear it a million times....
What was I thinking?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our first night withot Beckett

Oh...and forgot to add that tonight will be Beckett's first night in his room by himself. I'm nervous. Parker was only 5 weeks old when he went into his own room per doctors orders! He told us that Parker might not be sleeping as well as he should because of being in the room with us and we probably disturb him. Beckett is the complete opposite. He' s never been bad to have in the room with us, so it's going to be hard to not be able just to look right over and see him sleeping tight right next to our bed. He's a big boy now..it feels like a big step we are taking. I'm kinda sad that he's going to be in his own room now. Hopefully it's a good night for him and I'm sure it won't be a good night for us!

I got a I-Phone today

So, last night Scott and I got a night out free of children and did some Christmas shopping but before we started we thought that we would go and check out some new phones. It was time that we could upgrade our phones so we went and checked them out. I wanted something with a keyboard for texting (because there are many times that I would rather text than talk) and Scott wanted and has been wanting an I-phone since they came out. So, he got an I-phone and I got this other phone with a keyboard which I thought that I would like a lot. That is until we got home and I got to messing around on SCott's new phone.

Turns out I liked the i-phone better and ended up going back this morning and returning my phone and getting an i-phone. It's the coolest thing ever, I love it! There are so many things that I can do on it and it's like a little computer more than it is a phone! I'm pumped...as you can tell, the little things in life excite me!

We also finished Christmas shopping for Parker last night. It was a lot harder this year than it has been in the past just because I feel like he has everything already. And, it's so hard since his birthday is just 2 weeks after Christmas. He literally does have everything already! This year his gifts were more "big-boy" like and not such baby-like toys. We got him a guitar, drums (he thinks he'a rock star), a scooter, a skateboard (I know that he is not able to actually use the skateboard like he should, but one of the boys on the street has one and that is all he talks about!) a pair of My First Skates a Kid Tough Digital Camera and a lot of other things as well. I think he is really going to like what Santa brings him this year...or so I hope so. This year it's going to be so neat to see him opening his gifts since the past couple of years we have been doing it for him and he wasn't all that interested!

Well, off to play around with the i-phone! This thing is the coolest thing ever!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Facebook Craze

I consider myself to be pretty tech savvy. Do I know more than everyone..no. Do I know less than everyone...no. So, two years ago when I gave in and made a profile on MySpace (which was strictly to spy on my younger siblings) I was surprised to find out that I liked it. I got in contact with a LOT of old friends that I hadn't talked to since high school and even some that I had not talked to since elementary school. It was nice to kinda keep up on other peoples lives and to see how they were doing and avoid that awkward moment at the grocery store. So, at the beginning of November I was out talking to my neighbor (who I also went to high school with) and she was asking about someones status change on Facebook. I told her that I had no idea, I didn't get on Facebook, so I really wasn't sure how any of it worked. She said, "Oh..you have to get on Facebook it's so much better than MySpace!"

So, I did it..I gave in and joined Facebook. And, within the first day of having it I had like 70 friends and she was right. I did think it was WAY better than MySpace. And, since I'm home on maternity leave I have the option to check my Facebook a million times a day, so it's became my new little obsession. I do the same thing that I'm sure many Facebook users do. They really pay attention to that infamous "status change".
"Oh my gosh, Suzie and so and so are having a baby." or "Oh that stinks, Jason lost his job." blah blah blah. But, I didn't know how much I had really started paying attention to the "status change" until Wednesday night when I'm checking my Facebook and I see this:

Rachael ***** and Nathan ***** have ended their relationship

Rachael is my 19 year old sister and Nathan (Nate) is her boyfriend of over a year and a half. We love him...he is the nicest guy she has ever dated (not that there is a lot considering she is still a teenager technically.) But, we love him..he is the best. He is nice, super sweet to her, deals with her crazy family (I'm not included in that of course) and loves Parker. And, Parker loves him. Actually he loves him so much that he told us the other day that he loves Nate more than me, Scott and grandma. We wouldn't have thought much of it until he said that he loves Nate more than his grandma....that is huge. Parker doesn't love anyone more than grandma, but apparently Nate has broken the mold and Parker has a whole new love for his Uncle Nate that none of us will ever top!

So, I panic over this whole "Rachael and Nate have ended their relationship" status change. It's like 11:45pm mind you, Scott is getting ready to head up to bed and that was my next stop as well..oh..but not now. I yell at Scott "Hand me the phone" He looks at me like I'm nuts because I'm in a full on panic. "Why?" he asks trowing me the phone. "Rachael's Facebook status says that her and Nate have ended their relationship....what the HELL is going on?!?!?" Now, Scott is so not on the whole MySpace/Facebook craze. One, he is a teacher and he wants his students to have no possible way of finding out anything more about him, especially over the internet. He makes fun of me for being on either one of these websites telling me that it's the stupidest thing he has ever seen! I tell him if he just got on there he would be hooked!

So, I grab the phone and call my mom's house. They are like me there..total night-owls. They don't go to bed until super late either so I never feel bad about calling them late at night because I know that they are awake. I get my sister Andrea. Here is how the conversation goes:

Me: Andrea..it's me. Where is Rachael??

Andrea: Oh my God, you totally seen her Facebook status change didn't you?!?


Andrea: I have no idea. She has been at work so I have no talked to her, but I know that Nate has been talking about her being the one that he could see himself marrying and she just totally flipped out.

Me: What? Of course he seen himself marrying her....they are totally meant to be together!"

Andrea:: Call her cell phone. I would ask her what is wrong, but she hates me so she won't talk to me about it.

Right then Rachael comes in the door, see's Andrea on the phone and the first words out of her mouth are "Thats Nicki isn't it?" (my family calls me Nicki..my nickname my entire life).

Rachael calls me a couple of minutes later and tells me that they are on a "break" Like their names are Rachel Green and Ross Gellar or something. I ask her why, everything seems to be going so good, they are so cute together and they were just over here Saturday night to babysit the boys (and Nate brought Parker Christmas movies to watch..which just adds another reason to the list of why I love him and why Parker loves him so much). And, she tells me that he doesn't like her being friends with boys and that they just need a break for him to come to his senses about being so silly about some things and she doesn't think that it will last very long at all. She loves him very much but she doesn't want to keep going until it get's too out of hand and they are even further into their relationship and she never voiced her concerns with how he acts when she is out with her guy friends. Now, to be fair on both sides, Rachael is one of those girls who happens to get along with guys a lot better than she gets along with girls and these guy friends are friends that she had pre-Nate. But, to take Nate's side, I can see where this makes him a little uncomfortable.

Anyways...moving on. I just hope that they can work things out because honestly...I see them getting married. I know that it is strange to think of them getting married when they are only 19 and 20 years old, but it's one of those things where you just know. You know he is the one for her and she is the one for him. So, it's sad to see them taking a Ross and Rachel break. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they get back together soon and that it only lasts a couple of days.

So, the funniest part of this whole deal is that she put this on Facebook almost immediately after they decided on taking the break. He told her that he would prefer that she didn't put it on Facebook because he thought that it was nobody's business. And, she tells him yes. It would be a good thing for people to know.

I find this hysterical that now when people want you to know about their life that they put it on Facebook for the whole world to see. It's like anything important they want you to know goes on there...screw calling your friends and family..just put it on Facebook!

So, here is to keeping our fingers crossed that Rachael and Nate have the same wonderful , reunion that Ross and Rachel did...but that it doesn't take years for it to happen! Oh and for Parker's sake. I mean, the kid loves him more than he loves his Grandma! Now that my friends, is love.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I forgot to mention....

Beckett had his 2 month appointment yesterday and he is growing so big! He now weighs 12lbs 11oz and is 23 inches. He's getting so big. He got his shots yesterday and his Rotovirus vaccine (wish Parker would have had to get that because let me tell you...it's not something you want to watch your poor baby...and husband go through). I hate the shots, but at least this time I didn't almost punch the nurse for hurting my baby like I did with Parker!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time fly's...when your having fun.

Just a little warning to begin this post.....there might be a lot of mistakes in this blog. We just got a new laptop..a little mini-laptop. We needed another computer in the house since it's like Scott and I (he is a total Internet whore) are fighting over the laptop. And, since he is in school and I'm in school we thought that it would be a good investment to purchase another computer. He decided he wanted this little mini-laptop. It's pretty neat, I call it cute. It's the size of a portable DVD player, which is nice for when you have to take it somewhere, but getting used to the tiny little keyboard is something that takes a lot of getting used to. So, if there is some mistakes...I apologize in advance. The Internet whore himself has the regular laptop right now looking up more pointless crap!

So, the other day I looked at the calendar (Scott's a Internet whore...I'm a calendar/planner whore) and realized that I only have a short couple of weeks left of maternity leave and then I will be heading back to work. I hate it. It literally makes me sick to my stomach to think that this time next month I'm going to be back in my office, my babies with my mother-in-law and back to not getting home until 5:30 and leaving the house at 6 in the morning. I'm dreading it. And, I remember dreading it with Parker as well, but it became nice to fall into a routine. But, it sucked that I had to be away from my baby. And, now, I have to be away from two babies. And, this time, one of them knows that I'm leaving him. Yesterday, Parker asked me if we were going to grandma's and I told him no, but in a couple of weeks he would be going there everyday to play with Grandma and Hunter. He got excited until I told him that he was going there because I had to go back to work. His reaction was "No!!! Your gonna leave me?!?!?" So, of course, I immediately get teary eyed and he says, "Please don't leave me." Now, if your a parent then you know how awful it is to see your child watching you leave, whether it be for an hour or ten..it's one of the most heart wrenching things that I've ever had to go through. And, now, I have a little man who tells me he doesn't want me to leave him. It's going to be such and adjustment. And adjustment that I'm not looking forward to at all.
AND..to make matters worse, one month from today Parker is going to be THREE YEARS OLD! THREE!!!!!!!! I cannot believe that it has been three years since he was born, it feels like it was just yesterday. I hate that he has grown up so fast and he went from this baby to this grown up little boy in such a quick amount of time. I hate it, Scott loves it. Scott has been waiting for the day when he can take him up to the baseball field with him for practice and now he's there and Scott is counting down the days until baseball practice starts. Three..Parker is going to be three. I hate it. I hate it that time is going so fast.

I hate that my parents were right. You know when they say, "Don't wish your time away...it goes too fast, enjoy the moment that you are in." I hate it that they were right. I feel like I was just in high school yesterday. I cannot believe that this time 10 years ago I was a freshman in college with not a care in the world. I was just going to school and going to Nashville to see Scott on the weekends. I lived for those weekends. Going to Western was only an option because I wanted to be close to him. I had planned on going to UK until Scott decided that he was going to go to Aquinas to play baseball (which was better than his other alternative of going to Florida to play baseball..that would have been yuck!). And, I'm so glad that I did go there because I loved Western and had some really good times there. Times that I feel like just happened last weekend. And, I've met some awesome people along the way. Mostly through Scott because I spent a lot of my extra time with him, but I've made some pretty good friends through him. It sucked to always be away from each other, but the people I got to meet and the great times that we both had are priceless. I wouldn't give that away for anything.

i feel like I'm getting old. In just a short three months I'm going to be 29 years old. I can remember laying in bed the morning of my first day of school in the 4th grade thinking that there was no way that I was already in the 4th grade, my life was going to fast (and yes, I did think that as a 9 year old!) And, now I'm almost 30. I cannot imagine what my parents are thinking. All I know is that I'm thinking that my life just seems to be flying right past me. One minute I was a teenager and the next I'm a mom of two beautiful boys and married to my high school sweetheart. I always wondered where I was going to be five, ten years after high school and here we are. The next thing I know, Parker is going to be 10 and Beckett will be 7. And, I won't be able to snuggle them in my arms anymore and kiss them 500 times a day. That makes me sad. And, one day, they really won't care if I'm there or not and they won't need me to kiss their boo-boo's and hug them when they get hurt. They will have girlfriends (although tonight I did make Parker promise that I would be his girlfriend until he was at least 30.) and they will be too busy with their friends and sports and going out. And, I will be lucky to get my entire family to sit down at the dinner table at the same time for a meal. I will be lucky to have them home everyday and every night. They will have more important things to do than sit and snuggle on the couch with mom. Mom won't be so important anymore.

Sorry to be so depressing but there are things that bother me about time going too fast. I couldn't wait to get out of high school and get off to college. I went off to college and then wished my weeks away for my weekends. I couldn't wait to get out of school and get a job and start making some money. I couldn't wait to move out of my parents house and get a place with Scott and get married. Now we are married (4 years ) and have children, a house, two cars and a dog. We're playing Santa, kissing boo-boo's, watching Caillou. We're not staying out until 4 in the morning anymore and sleeping our weekends away. We're actual grown-ups...which is so cool in so many ways, yet so depressing in many ways as well.

My three younger siblings are 19, 17 and 16. They are sooo me when it comes to wishing their time away and I keep telling them not to do it because it goes to fast to begin with. They will look back and WISH they could get one more day in high school, one more day in college and one more day without a mortgage payment. They will realize that our parents were really NOT THAT BAD and that they really were making our lives miserable out of love and that there really was a point to it other than making us pissed off for the time being. They will realize that those years and those friends are literally some of the best times and some of the best friends that they will ever have. And, time goes to fast to wish it away. Because before they know it, they will finally be a grown up and wishing they were a kid again!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I love Christmas time!

I think I'm obsessed with Christmas. And, I mean, totally obsessed with Christmas. I'm DVRing EVERY Christmas movie that is on the 600 channels we have and I intend to watch every single one of them.....even the crappy ones. Because, when it's Christmas themed...the movie is never crappy! My favorite Christmas movies

  1. Home Alone - Actually this is one of my favorite movies of ALL time. Sounds silly, but I love this movie and could watch it a million times in a row and still not be sick of it!

  2. Elf - I love Will Farrell and this movie is a crack up!

  3. Polar Express - Kinda makes you want to believe in Santa again

  4. The Grinch - the original...although I'm not sure you would consider this to be a movie.

  5. Just Friends - with Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart....it's not about Christmas, but it takes place during Christmas time and it's one of my favorites!

My house is decorated with all of our Christmas stuff (which I have way more stuff to get out, but I didn't want to over-do it in my house....plus, with little hands that HAVE to touch everything that they see, I'm keeping most of it put away) Here are some pics.

Our tree -- I love it!

Our stockings This is our Bengals wreath...not sure if I should be proud of it or not !!!!!!!!

Our house all lit up.....I would keep it like this all year long if we wouldn't look like total rednecks!

So,. there are just a few pics, I'm sure we will have a bunch more on here throughout the month. This is my favorite time of year, I wish it never ended!

Although...I do not have any Christmas shopping done so far this year. Well, I've bought a few things for Beckett, but, I've got nothing for anyone else and I really need to get on the ball. Scott and I like to go shopping together for Parker so we have to wait for a time when someone can come over and babysit the boys so we can both go out. We like to make an evening out of it...dinner, shopping, etc. Scott got something for Beckett and it came the other day. It is the cutest thing ever.

It is a rocker that is a baseball glove for a seat and then the baseball in the front. It sings "Take me out to the ballgame" It's so cute and Scott is so proud of himself for finding it!

Parker is not going to be hard to buy for and I cannot wait for this year with him. This is the first year where he kinda "gets" it and he asks every night if it's Christmas yet and if Santa is coming. Plus, this will be the first year that we do not have to open his gifts for him! This year he will do it himself. We are going to try to cut back though on the amount of stuff he get's though. He just get's so much for Christmas and then his birthday is just 2 weeks after, so we have way too many toys than we know and than what he knows what to do with!

Tonight we are going to buy another computer. Scott and I are both in school right now, and although we have a computer downstairs, we both like to have the laptop. And, I wanted one that I can bring back and forth to work since I'm going to have to be working on a lot of my school stuff during my lunch breaks when I get back to work. So, we are buying a mini-laptop, like our pediatricians office has. I'm so excited to go get it tonight. And, there will be no more fighting over the computer. Finally!!!

Well, off to get some laundry done. Only a couple more weeks until I go back to work :( I so don't even want to think about it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know it's the Tuesday after, but I never got the chance to get on here and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! So...Happy Thanksgiving. I have a LOT to be thanksful for this year. So, here is what I'm thankful for:

  • My husband who I cannot live without. He is my rock, and he makes me laugh and realize that you just cannot take things to seriously. I'm so very proud of him and everything that he has accomplished in his life. He has the most drive out of anyone I know and he doesn't let anything get in his way. He is such a hard worker and he would do anything for me and the boys. It's hard to believe that we started dating this time 11 years ago!!!! I still see so much of that 17 year old boy that I started dating our senior year of high school....but I'm so in love with the man that he has become.

  • My Parker....my first baby boy, the love of my life. He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I love to watch him learning new things, and defenitley love that I can hold a conversation with him now! Sometimes he drives me to the point of insanity, but then all he has to do is come over and give me a hug and I forget all about it!

  • Baby Beckett...our newest addition. He is the cutest, and by far the best baby ever. We are so blessed to have this little man in our lives. I cannot wait to see the boy/man he becomes....(and I also cannot wait until he starts sleeping through the night!)

  • My family. Scott and I are blessed to have wonderful parents. They would do anything for us and we truly appreciate everything that they do for us. I love my sisters and my brothers. I love my sister in laws ~ we are just very very blessed.

  • Our friends - we have the best group of friends EVER! I wish that every person in this world had as great a group of friends as we have because we are very blessed to have the group we have.

  • My doggy Chompers. He drives me insane most of the time, but he is my first baby....and I couldn't imagine what it would be like not having to fight over space and covers in the bed at night.

  • My house....I love it. It's small and just cozy and I love it. We are so lucky to have a home over our heads!

  • My job---I'm very lucky to have made it through the layoff's they did a couple weeks before Beckett was born. I was so sad to see people go, but at the same time, so happy that I kept my job.

  • Im most thankful to have God in my life. I don't think that any of the above things would have happened or be possible without him and without believing in him. He has blessed me in so many ways, I just pray that he continues to bless me throughout the years to come!

Well, thats it right there. Maybe not EVERYTHING that I'm thankful for in life, but, the major ones anyways.!

We had a pretty good Thanksgiving (except for my nice little "episode" on Thanksgiving night. We went to my grandma's first (although we didn't start out as early as we usually do because Scott wasn't feeling too well) and then we headed over to his parents house and we played games all night long. It was a good one! I didn't do any Black Friday shopping like I LOVE to do, but I really just didn't feel up to it this year and there wasn't anything that I was really looking for.

The Gravy Guzzle was a success...or so I think so. Getting ready for it the entire day was a little stressful, but it went off without a hitch!

Scott was very proud of his turkey, as he should have been. He had never made one before, but this one was awesome! He is such a good cook, he is very gifted in that respect! I would not have had the sightest idea of what to do!

So, here are some pics from the night. Everyone had a good time. This was our 5th year doing this Thanksgiving dinner/party and I hope that we do it forever. I know that most groups of friends don't stay that way forever, but, I REALLY hope that all of us do! We are just as good of friends now than we were when we were 16 years old!

Parker's new girlfriend, Ella. Ella is my best friend Julia's neice and they were in from Texas! She is too cute and I think Parker has fell in love!

All and all, the evening was great. The food was awesome and just being with friends is enough for me! It was a VERY exausting day, but its always worth it! This Thanksgiving was a good one and I hate to see that it has already come and gone. I feel like this entire year has just flown by in the blink of an eye and it kinda makes me sad! I hate that time goes so quick. I feel like I was in high school just yesterday and it's already been 10 years! I just pray that God gives us just as many blessings for all of the years to come.

So, Friday we got the boys Christmas pictures taken. The place we like to go books up VERY quick for the Christmas holiday and the only time they had open was Friday night. So, we went. It was a total madhouse. They were running 2 hours behind and the place was jam packed! But, luckily, Parker was an angel and was really good as we waited and they sped through the pics (which they don't normally do, they usually take like 200 pictures and this time they only took 59), but it made it easier on them, easier on us in terms of picking out the pictures and easier on the boys who were already antsy to begin with! Here are some of my favorites!

Well, that was our Thanksgiving! It went very well and now we are on the countdown to Christmas! We've got our outside lights up, the tree and all of the Christmas decorations up and right now it's snowing outside, so it's a perfect little winter wonderland! I love Christmas time, it's my favorite time of year! I wish December was 60 days instead of 31!
So, happy late Thanksgiving everyone!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Just a follow-up

So, I looked up some info on the BC pills and their side effects. I found this blog with people who had been taking it, and everything I went through with this pill had happened to a LOT of other women! Everything, and it explains so much of what I went through tonight. Now, I know to read up the next time anyone prescribes me something! I cannot believe I didn't do it before I took it because then I wouldn't have taken it to begin with!

Scary night

It's 3:30 in the morning. I'm wide away, although I'm completely exhausted. I couldn't wait to get home tonight and go to sleep because it's honestly been a really long week. And, even though we had a pretty low-key Thanksgiving day, which is something that we normally do not have, it just seemed like it was SO long and took a lot of energy!

So, tonight we came home, Parker was already asleep by the time we got out of Scott's parent's street. We got him to bed, I fed Beckett and while I was feeding him I started feeling really bad. Which, over the past two weeks is nothing unusual for me. I have been feeling not so well over the past couple of weeks and have not had any clue why. I just kinda figured that my stomach had been torn up for any given reason, sometimes that happens to people. And, with Parker getting sick last week I kinda assumed that it's probably what I've been dealing with. Monday and Tuesday I felt horrible all day and then yesterday I started feeling better. Then last night after our party I started feeling bad again, but went to bed and woke up and felt fine. All throughout the day I've felt awful off and on, which on Thanksgiving, the biggest "eat all you can" day of the year (which is why it is my 2nd favorite holiday of the year!) it's not good to have no appetite. But, like it has been for the past two weeks, it's been off and on, so I would feel bad and then feel good and then feel bad again. We went to bed and I was feeling REALLY bad, like I was going to get sick at any moment and I was almost asleep when I had this really weird wave of something come over me that made me wake up instantly. I don't even really know how to explain it, but it was the strangest feeling I've ever had. So, I kinda sat up and let it pass and then tried to lay back down again. A couple of minutes later it happened again and I felt like I was going to get sick so I went into the bathroom. It felt worse than it did the first time and I felt really light-headed and dizzy and it REALLY scared me. I'm one of those people who think the worst about everything, so instantly my mind goes to, "OMG, something is wrong with me, I'm going to die" I woke Scott up because I thought, if I pass out in the bathroom I don't want him to not know and for me to be laying on the bathroom floor passed out. I told him that I felt really weird and that it was scaring me because I felt so bad and so "odd". Odd is really the only way that I can explain it. It's just a wave of weirdness that rushed over me. I told Scott that I wanted him to come in the bathroom and sit with me because I was really scared and I thought that I was going to get sick.

And, this brings me to why I think I'm sick. I don't take birth control pills, well, I have before in the past, but I'm one of those people who is an awful medicine taker. I don't take Tylenol unless my headache is close to migraine status, when I have a cold I don't take medicine to make it better unless I feel like I'm not able to function. I'm one of those people who just thinks that everything will run it's course and that I'm not going to take medicine to make it runs it's course faster than it is supposed to because it's probably not natural. AND, with birth control, I never remember to take it. I always screw it up and it's makes more sense for me not to take it and take other "precautions". So, when I went in for my 6 week post pardum check-up, Dr. Lum wanted to put me on birth control until Scott get's "snipped". So, I thought that I would give it a go.

Last night when I was feeling so bad it occurred to me that I've been feeling like this every since I started taking my birth control pills. So, I got out the little pamphlet that comes with it explaining all of the side effects, what to do when you miss a pill and all that jazz. Well, some of the side effects are, nausea, vomiting, nervousness, dizziness, depression, and many other things. I thought, well, obviously I'm getting the whole nausea part, that has to be why I've felt so bad for the past two weeks. While I was thinking I was going to be sick Scott wanted to know where i had read this info about the birth control and I told him so here I'm, head in the toilet and here is Scott sitting on the bathtub reading about my birth control...what a pair!

So, I started to feel better, came back to bed and then started feeling that "weirdness" again. So, Scott wanted me to call Dr. Lum, my doc, the best doc in the world, so I called him and asked him if it could be the pills. He told me YES! To stop taking them and see if I started feeling better and that estrogen is known to make you sick (then why give the shit out!) and the feelings I was having was probably along the lines of an anxiety attack, which is part of the estrogen and all of the changes the pill is doing to my hormones and OBVIOUSLY this is not the fit for me. Okay, I've had an anxiety attack before, while I was pregnant with Beckett, on the way to work on I-75, which is already a death trap to begin with, and it was literally one of the scariest things that I've ever gone through. It apparently was a "pregnancy induced" anxiety attack (who knew you could have those!) and this was kinda like the feeling that I was having tonight.

I don't know why I decided to get on here and write about this, but I think it has made me feel better (plus I got myself sooo worked up before I cannot even imagine going to bed yet) but I did. I just know tonight was a scary night and I think I scared the crap out of Scott (who is now sawing logs next to me). Not how I really wanted to end my Thanksgiving night. Hopefully this crap will get out of my system soon and I start to feel better and this doesn't happen again. I was VERY scared......to the point where I went back into Parkers room, climbed in his bed, gave him another kiss and a squeeze and the same to Beckett and Scott.....just in case, because we all know that tomorrow is never a guarantee. Reminding me, on one of the most important days of all, what it is I'm truely thankful for. It was THAT kind of scary. I know that I never want to feel that again.

So, now my dramatic story is done.....it's almost 4 in the morning. I wasn't going to go shopping tomorrow morning because tonight I decided I was just too tired and there was nothing I really wanted to go out and get, but now that I'm up I think I might just go out and check some sales out..........maybe!

Happy Thanksgiving all.....hope to see you again soon.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two more Days...

I cannot believe that in two more days it's going to be Thanksgiving. It's insane! This year has gone so fast, I cannot even believe it. I feel like it was just yesterday that I found out that I was pregnant with Beckett and look...he's already here and almost 2 months old! And, before we know it, it's going to be Christmas (my favorite holiday of the year!) and then before we know it I'm going to be heading back to work :(.
I love the holiday season, it's the best time of the year to me. I love listening to Christmas music (although I really could do this all year long!), I love shoppng in the large crowds, I love baking, I love my Christmas tree and the lights on the house. I love it all. Scott hung the outside lights on Sunday (only because the neighbors were doing it too!), and Friday after I get back from shopping I plan on decorating all day long.

Two more days until Thanksgiving, can you believe it. 2008 is almost over with, which I'm sad to see it go. It was such a good year, but I look forward to another good year ahead of us and all the exciting things that it has in store for me and my wonderful family.

OH...and Holy Crap...I just figured out how to add pictures! I feel like the biggest moron, I cannot believe that it took me this long to figure it out! So here is a couple of cute pics of the boys
from the other day -

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So, I'm in bed with Parker

It's that time of year....the time for being sick. And, not just your average cold..stomach virus sick. The worst thing in the world in my opinion. I knew that we were due...it's been a while since I've been woken up in the middle of the night hearing Parker through the monitor and walking into his room to find him laying in puke. So, for the last week, I've just had a feeling that it was coming. And, I was right.

Tonight Scott and I were sitting in the living room, wathing the Bengals suck it up once again and said something to him about "watch Parker get sick and I'll be up all night long with him." and five minutes later I heard Parker whine through the monitor. I told Scott to go check on him and then I hear Scott, "Alisha, there is puke everywhere!" I was right....our time is right now.

I feel so bad for him when he is sick. There is nothing worse than watching your poor little baby throwing up and being so sick. I hate to be sick, more than the average person I think, and I would happily be sick for him. It's misery for him and it's misery for Scott and I to have to watch him be sick.

So, here I'am laying in his bed (this is one of the main reason's we bought him a full-sized big boy bed!) for the night because he wanted me to sleep with him tonight. Scott has Beckett duty. Hopefully I can ge a little shut eye, because Mr. Beckett decided last night to stay up from 1:00-7:30, so, I'm going on about 1 hour of sleep right now! Scott said, "I'm overwhelmed with all of this....what do we do? Parker is sick, we have Beckett, I don't know what to do." I told him to calm down, we're a team and there is one parent for each child, so take one and I'll take the other and we will get through it. This is what being a parent is all about....sometimes it's not fun and it get's a bit messy (literally). I will gladly take a couple of sick nights per year for all of the wonderful moments that we have with them.

Here is to hoping my baby get's better and the rest of us stay healthy. And, that I get more than an hour of sleep tonight!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sleep......whats sleep?

So, I know that with a new baby, you don't get much sleep. I've been down this road before, there has been no surprise here. And, it was one of the things about having another baby that I was dredding because I know how awful it is. But, I also knew that it passes and it does get better and eventually you get sleep.

But, what I was not expecting was for PARKER to be the one who wasn't sleeping! My wonderful little boy who took 3 hour naps during the day and still went to bed at 8:30 and slept for 10-12 hours just stopped. The day we came home with Beckett the naps stopped and for two solid weeks it took us 3 hours every night to get into bed. It's been horrible. So, we've been going without naps, and now as long as he doesn't take a nap he is fine and will go to bed. But, if he does take any kind of a nap, no matter if it is for 3 hours or five minutes he doesn't go to bed until midnight. And, no nap = a insane day and a over cranky 2 year old who wants to fall asleep on the couch at 6:00 at night and parents who have to stand him up while asleep to get him to wake up. It's horrible, I hope this is just a phase.

Oh...and a message to my new little guy Beckett....sleeping more than 2 1/2 hours at a time is allowed......mommy WILL NOT be mad if you sleep more than that!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Beckett is 1 month old!

So, yesterday Beckett turned one month old! How insane is that? I cannot believe that he is already a month old, time fly's so fast. I hate it. With Parker I was in such a daze with him for the first 6 weeks it felt like, and I really don't think I got to enjoy the whole baby stage and how wonderful it really is. I thought that it was so hard, but, now looking back I should have seen how easy it was. Now, with Parker almost being 3...I know how EASY the baby stage is. Now, I really have enjoyed it, sleep deprivation and all.

So, we went to his 1 month appointment yesterday and our baby is getting to be a big boy. At his 1 week appt he was 7lbs 7oz and 19 3/4 inches long. For his one month he was 9lbs 9oz, 22 inches! He has really grown over the past month! And, I'm starting to really be able to tell. His little cheeks are filling out and he's just looking different. Looking like his dad for sure. I guess I don't get a kid that looks like me:(

But, I'm pretty sad that time is flying by the way that it has. I remember being off with Parker and it seems like it was just yesterday.....makes me so sad because I know how fast the time does go. Depressing a little I guess. I don't want my kids to grow up, I don't want my boys to be big! I think that is every parents wish. It;s not Gods plan to keep them little forever. He has big plans for both of my babies, and although I cannot wait to see what that is...I just hope it doesn't get here too fast.

So, I know I really suck at keeping this blog up...I promise as the time goes I will be better at doing so. I still have not figured out how to post pictures...I'm working on it! Then I can get all sorts of pics up about my boys!

Well, the fall is finally here!!! I love the fall, it's m favorite time of year. The leaves are changing and on my way to my parents house is the best drive ever because it's all tree filled back roads..and it is georgeous. I hate the fact that it's getting dark at 6:00, but, oh well. It's not like that forever.

Well, gonna get out of here and get some stuff done while Parker is at school. This week was a rough one for him. Pink eye in both eyes and an ear infection..yuck! But, as always, Parker is a trooper...he get's through everything with a smile!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Will I ever get caught up????

So, to conitnue on with my story and hopefull (fingers crossed) to get caught up on this darn blog...

So, we get to the hospital and my contractions are pretty bad by this time. Scott takes me in a wheel chair to L&D...which was totally funny. We get there and Scott wonders if Jen is going to be there...Jen White, well now Jen Musk. We went to high school together, she was at my 12th birthday party for goodness sakes. She was with us when Parker was born and we were hoping that she would be there again for this little guy. And, when we told them my name, the nurse/HUC said..."Jen is waiting for her" She saw that we were coming in and told them that I was to be her patient! She is so great, and immediately I was at ease.

That ease didn't last for long. By the time I got my clothes changed and changed into that nasty ass hospital gown the contractions were horrific. Scott was on the phone with Diane, who was at our house trying to find the outfit that I wanted Beckett to wear for his pictures since I had nothing packed and the whole time he is asking me what it is and I'm literally yelling at him.."I don't give a f*ck about the damn clothes!" because I was in so much pain I didn't even want to talk! I was already 6 cm dialated when we got there so I was progressing pretty good. Then Jen came in with horrible news. She told me that they couldn't give me my epidural yet because my blood pressure was up and they had to do some blood tests to make sure I was okay enough to get it. I was so upset. I couldn't handle it anymore, it was aweful. It was sooooo painful and I literally just shut everyone out and shut down just to concentrate on getting through the contractions. Pat and Julia came over and I scared the crap out Pat because I was just in a zone. But then, my angel came...the anethesiologist! Dr. Lum came in about 10:00 or so and told me that it would be about a 1/2 hour before i started to push because I was 9cm at that point. Everyone was there by then, Pat, Julia, Mom, Rachael, Andrea, Dad, Letty, Diane. And, I was a nice, sane person again, so I was loving every minute of it.

Then, Dr. Lum came in a little after 11 and at 11:23 we started pushing and Beckett Murphy Schweitzer was born at 11:53pm on 10/6/08 weighing in at 7lbs 6oz and 19 3/4 inches long. So, he was a pound bigger than Parker and an inch longer! Everything went super quick and REALLY easy. I thought that Parker's birth was easy, but Beckett made it look like horrible labor in comparison. I've been very blessed with easy births and VERY healthy babies.

So, we were at the hospital until Wednesday afternoon and I didn't have a whole lot of pain..no pain medicine, just some Motrin. Julie, Carla, Charlene, Suzanne, Paula, Tina and Barbie all came up to see me. It was so good seeing them. I was so happy to come home though this time. I remember with Parker I wanted to stay, but this time I wanted to come home.

Everything has gone very smooth so far. It has been nothing like it was with Parker. I had a couple of days of crying with the hormones and stuff, but it didn't last long. The pain was never really horrible. Beckett has been an AWESOME baby, sleeping very well, eating very well. Parker has been very good too. He started off not wanting to go to sleep at night, and he hasn't taken a nap in the three weeks that Beckett has been here, but other than that he is doing really good. It's kinda weird, Beckett just kinda fit right into the family and we've adjusted really well. I'm kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop (which is something that Scott has never heard before and he swears that I've made it up!) because everything is going so well, but, I'm hoping that we continue on our good path.

I'm a little sad this time around because we have decided not to have any more kids, that two is good for us, which means that I will not be bringing a new baby home every again and that makes me a little sad. They grow up so fast, which is why I think I appreciate this stage so much more than I did with Parker. With Parker I just wanted him to get through the sleeplessness stage and to get a little bigger...and with Beckett I wish he would stay the teeny tiny little guy forever!

So, we're home, Scott is back to work and it's just me and the boys during the day and it's been going fairly well. I'm already dreading going back to work and I don't have to go back until January 5th.........it's nice to be a stay at home mommy right now!

So..as soon as I figure out how to add some pictures, I will do it! I just have to figure it out first.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's been a while....and much has happened!

So, I'm sitting here watching some baseball by myself....hubby is across the street at the neighbors house with his new boyfriend! Well, I'm not really watching the game by myself...I'm watching it with my new baby boy Beckett! Yep..he's here. Beckett Murphy Schweitzer was born on Monday, October 6th @ 11:53pm weighing in at 7lbs 6oz, 19 3/4 inches long. Healthy as can be and a headful of dark black hair. Love. Him. Up! He is too cute and so far (fingers crossed that I don't kinx myself) he is a good sleeper and we have not been too sleep deprived as we were with Parker. Big brother is doing pretty good with him. I'm sure he's still a little topsy turvy considering we brought someone new into the house, but other than having his own sleep issues (refusing to go to bed) he is doing wonderfully. I think that he is going to be the best big brother ever!

Birth story...funny. I went to work that day, had to leave early because I had a doctors appt. and they were going to check me out and do a Non-Stress Test on the baby to make sure everything was going good since my blood pressure had been increasing over the last couple of appointments. Everything checked out with that and Dr Heidi checked me and said that I was only about 2-3 cm dialated and 30% effaced, so I had a ways to go. I had to come back on Friday for them to check me out again and she said that they would probably schedule an induction as well. We went home, ate dinner (spagetti) and Scott had to go to St, Mary's to work with one of the pitchers. At about 6:00 the contractions started, but they were not bad at all. They started out as just being a *tad* uncomfortable and then they just progressively got worse. I called Scott at 6:30 because he said that he was only going to be gone for about 15-30 minutes. I said, "I'm not trying to be a b!tch, but I'm having some contractions and Parker wants to go outside and I don't think I can do it" They were not too horrible, but were pretty uncomfortable. So, Scott came home and went outside with Parker and I went outside too. I didn't know if this was the real deal or not, but I didn't want to spend the evening in the house by myself if it wasn't the real thing...I didn't want to be a wuss! One of Scott's co-workers was also coming to give us a Powerwheel quad that her son had and no longer uses so Parker could have it. I talked to Katie and Brian who had just gotten back from Gatlinburg (and wondering why I had not had the baby yet) and then the lady that Scott worked with came and Parker was totally pumped and was driving around like a crazy man on the quad. The contractions kept going, but nothing too bad. I went to plug in my cute pumpkins on the porch and bent over and when coming back up it it felt like I peed my pants. So I told Scott that I was going inside to use the restroom. I went in and my pants were soaked and I really didn't think that I had peed and I didn't have to go. So, then the contractions started to get a little worse. To the point where I was just leaning over the sink in the bathroom. I ran upstairs and thought that I might want to call dr. Lum to see what to do. I called him and he told me that I should wait until 10:00 (it was about 7:45ish) and if I was still having them that he would have me come on in to the hospital, but it was probably just a false alarm because I wasn't making much progress when I was in his office. So, I hung up the phone and leaned back to brace for another contraction and felt something funny. I stood up and my water broke. All over the floor in our bedroom (thankfully not on our bed!). Scott had come in before while I was waiting for Dr. Lum to call me back and wondered where I had been and if I was okay and I told him I was having such bad contractions that I called Dr. Lum. He called his mom who was at Julies to tell her to be on alert that we might need her. Then when my water broke, he was downstairs trying to get Parker to come inside. I screamed, "Scott...my water broke!". He was panicking, I was too. We didn't have anything packed (I was planning on doing it that night) and he was trying to get his mom to get over to the house and to get Parker to come in. Parker came up as I was hanging on the bed bracing myself to make it through another contraction and he asked me what was wrong. Scott told him that we were going to have baby Beckett. The pain was so bad already that I said, "I'm going to puke" Parker said, "You going to puke mom? You need a puke bucket? Don't puke on the bed!" It was hysterical! After Scott running around like a chicken with his head cut off we finally made it out the door to the hospital, and I couldn't wait to get there to get my epidural...the contractions were awful!

Okay...the rest of the story to follow...it's midnight, I'm going to feed the baby and head up to bed. Parker seems to be coming down with something (he's got a cold and right before bed had a fever) so I don't know if he is going to be able to go to school tomorrow or not..so I have to get some rest!

Ohhh...and for all the details from Craig and Debbie's wedding....WOW is all I have to say!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back to the doc's office

So, I go back to the doctor here in about 15 minutes or so. I was not supposed to go until tomorrow but the office called me today and had this whole scheduling deal and after 15 minutes of dealing with one of his rude-ass receptionists (which I didn't think exsisted, they are all so nice usually.) we rescheduled for today. I'm thinking everything will be fine and blood pressure will be normal (fingers crossed) since I have tons more to do here at work and at home. My feet are not swollen (well, they are considering i couldn't get on a pair of my favorite wedges today because the strap wouldn't fit around my ankle!) as bad as normal and other than feeling awful, I'm doing good. We will see what he says..

So, fingers crossed that I don't come back tonight letting everyone know that I'm going on bedrest...that would stink!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

One down--nine to go!

So, I went to the doc yesterday and I'm 1cm dialated...not that it is much, but it's progress! So, hopefully little Beckett will be here in just a short time (I'm thinking the week of October 6th). I'm excited because I'm sick of being so miserable, but I'm so nervous at the same time. I'm just hoping that Parker does well with the whole having a baby brother thing and not being the only one anymore. I kind of like him being the only one to be honest, but I couldn't live with myself if he didn't have a sibling. Not that I have anything against people who only chose to have one child, because many of my friends are only children, but I want him to have a buddy to grow up with! Scott says, "Well, he might not like him now, but we are giving him a best friend for life. An instant buddy!"

Oh..and my blood pressure is up AGAIN, which means that they are probably going to put me on bedrest next week when I go back if it is up again...yippee. I don't want to be on bedrest, it's no fun at all. And, I've become the Energizer bunny lately. I just keep going and going and going and I never stop.

Our big annual street sale is this weekend and I'm NOT looking forward to it. We have to get up so early and it's just a big pain in the butt to be honest. But, we have a lot to get rid of this go-round (next year we will have TONS to get rid of with all of the baby stuff going) and so does Stephanie and Julie. Oh..and Peyton and Erika are coming into town FINALLY to see us with the boys (they have never came to see us, we always go to see them) but of course they would have to pick this darn day to come! I'm going to be one pooped puppy this weekend....when what I really want to do is just rest!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dodged a serious bullett

So, yesterday I come into work and things are going about as planned for a typical Monday morning. It's nice to get the week started out right considering last week our entire city was without power for days and some still are, and we didn't have to work last week Monday thru Wednesday. Anyways, so, it was Monday. Then...it happens. Word starts to spread that they are laying people off........WHAT?!?! What do you mean they are laying people off? I just bought a new car on Saturday! (more on that later) This company has done nothing for the past year but talk about how well we are doing and how much money we are making. There were no worries about the budget, or cut-backs to even forewarn us that there might be a "reduction". But, nope..the rumors were true. 15 out of our staff of 44 people were laid-off. Years of service ranging from 31 years to 3 years. I've never been through anything like this, so I have no clue what to do with myself. I call the hubby at his work and he starts to flip out. We have a mortgage, two car payments, another baby on the way. What are we going to do?!?! So, then my boss comes in my office and asks me to come with him because he needs to talk to me. I almost peed my pants...and don't discount that because I'm pregnant and it's easy to pee my pants. I walk in and he tells me that I'm NOT going to be let go, but wanted to let me know what was going on and give me the list of people who had been laid off. I've never been so relieved but yet felt so guilty in my entire life. Needless to say, yesterday was not a good day and not a good way to start out your workweek. And, devastating that we are going to lose some awesome people in our department.

So, moving onto happier times now. We got a new car on Saturday. We sold hubby's S-10, which he has had since he was 18 years old, so he was VERY attached to it. I laughed and asked him if he was going to cry when he handed the keys over to the people who had bought it (for their 16 year old son..too cute). Anyways, we bought a 2009 Toyota Camry. It's so nice and I'm the one who get's to drive it because it's more gas efficient than my Equinox that I was driving (that hubby is now driving). i love it and it's big enough to put both kids in, which I'm stoked about!

Nothing else new is happening in my life. Just hanging out, still trying to figure out how I can load some pics on here. I guess I will figure it out eventually. Tonight I'm going to dinner with a friend I used to work with and I cannot wait. And, then I'm getting all of my fall stuff out and decorating the house for the fall...cannot wait. I love to have it all nice and fall like. Then the rest of the week is cleaning so we can get ready for our company to come in from out of town this weekend and our subdivisions annual street sale which a gazillion people come to. Another busy week ahead of me...I'm ready for the weekend and it's only Tuesday!

Friday, September 19, 2008

So..here we are

So, here we are....I've got a blog. Kinda weird, never thought that I would have one, but I thought that it was kind of a neat way to keep people up to date, and if not people (because really, who is going to want to read this blog?) then myself. I hardly remember what happened a couple of days ago. And, it's kinda like journaling which I did for a really long time as a teen. I feel like I'm a little over the journaling stage. Okay, no I'm not..I just don't have the time to sit down and write...and my life isn't as dramatic as it was when I was 17, so there is just not THAT much that I have to say!

I wish I could tell you that this is going to be one of those blogs that keep you coming back because I'm the whittiest person (don't even know if I spelled that right) and have such funny things to say. Because, as much as I would LOVE to be that person, I'm not. My friends are, but me...not so much. This is just going to be your day to do ramblings I guess. Nothing too exciting...just me.

So, why is called Queen among Kings? Hello...because there is not one single female in my house besides myself...I have all males. My husband, son Parker who is 2 1/2, the dog, Chompers and soon to be another baby boy (coming to a family near you in October) and then there is poor 'ole me! The only estrogen producing person in the house. God help me! I always said that I wanted all boys...well, that is what I have. All boys!

Today is Friday, and I'm 35 weeks pregnant with this new little baby boy who is going to be joining our family. His name is going to be Beckett.....and if you don't like it, thats fine. You don't have to, I didn't base my baby-naming decision on everyone liking it. I know it's different, and, no, it's not your typical name. But, to me that makes it all the better! So, keep your opinions to yourself because honestly, since about week 22 when we picked this out...I've been so sick of hearing about how "thats an 'odd' name"---kinda like how I'm sick of people telling me Parker looks like the kid from Jerry McGuire....yes, I know. He has blonde hair and glasses...go figure. But, you don't need to tell me. And, that kinda makes me nervous because have you seen the Jerry McGuire kid now....he is so not cute! He looks like a little tool!

So, here we are. I have nothing really done with the baby's room, so I'm in a little bit of a panic. Parker was three weeks early and they put me on bedrest so I had a million things to do when they put me on bedrest, so now I'm in a panic to have things done. Which, I thought that things would be done a lot sooner than this, but, nope. Here we are..5 weeks out and the room is painted and all of the stuff is in there, but there is no baby clothes cleaned (well, I do have a load in the dryer at home as we speak...but folding it seems like a pain), wall hangings are either not hung or in yet (I've ordered a lot of custom stuff...gotta love E-Bay). So, I'm "planning" on getting everything, or most of it, squared away this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed. Otherwise Beckett's going to come home to a room that is not even close to being organized! I do have two things that could possibly stop me from working on it this weekend...well, three really. We might be buying a car this weekend, depending on if Scott's truck sells tonight (we will all be sad to see it go) so tomorrow we might be spending the day car shopping. Or, I bought two books the other day at Borders because I'm done with school until January so right now I have some time to actually read, which I'm totally pumped about...or Parker being a total bear and not letting me get anything finished!

So, this is my first post! We shall see how this blogging thing goes and see if I can learn how to get pictures on here and all of the other fun stuff. My husband is going to make fun of me endlessly for having a blog--he makes fun of me right now for having a MySpace page (which I have to keep me up on ALL of the gossip of course), and I'm sure my friends will too, but that's okay! Make fun of me people....I'm a blogger!