Sunday, December 21, 2008

What was I thinking?

Right after we graduated high school (10 short years ago!) we all went to Panama City Beach Florida as many high school graduates do. While on the plane on the way there I decided that I wanted to get my nose pierced. So, right after getting checked into our hotel me and my group of friends went straight across the street to a little shop that did piercings and tatoos. And, I did it. I got a nose ring. And, it was an actual ring. At that time and at that particular place they didn' t have the tiny little studs all they had were those rings, and that is what I had. I loved it. Scott got to Panama a couple of days later and he hated it. He said that it looked trashy...and looking did. It was big and gawdy and 2 weeks after being home from Florida we took it out. Scott and I sat at his kitchen table and messed with it for hours before I was finally able to get it out.

So, recently I've been thinking that I wanted to do it again. But, this time I just wanted the tiny little stud that I should have gotten in the first place. I told Scott this and he told me that I was nuts, why in the world at the age of 28 and with two children would I want to get this done again? But, I really wanted it done. So, I tell me little sisters this and they wanted it done too. So, we decided we were all going to go and do it together. And, we did...well, me and Rachael did anyway. We did

I was pretty excited after we got it done. I had it done and I like it. But, now, after coming home and getting out that "excitement" stage I'm wondering if it was a huge mistake. I mean, I AM 28 years old..and I'm a mom! Moms don't have their noses pierced. Scott told me he thinks that I'm going through a "quarter-life crisis". I'm not, it's just something that I personally think is cute and wanted to do it again (and maybe prove to myself I'm not getting old and that I'm still young enough to do something like that). Scott, of course hates it. He said that he thinks that ALL facial piercings are trashy, but this one is tiny really and it's not bad. But, he hates it. And, I'm doing the same thing that I did the last time. He doesn't like it so I feel like I have to take it out. And, now I'm questioning myself.
What the hell was I thinking???!!! I cannot believe that i did this AGAIN! And, I'm old..too old to be doing crap like this, right? I mean, how can I do this when i'm a MOM for goodness sakes! How can people take me seriously as a mother when I have a freakin piercing in my nose! And, not one that I've had pre-babies..but one that I got after both of them were born! I'm an idiot....go ahead and tell me. Because with Christmas being this week, I'm sure I'm going to hear it a million times....
What was I thinking?

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