Saturday, December 13, 2008

I got a I-Phone today

So, last night Scott and I got a night out free of children and did some Christmas shopping but before we started we thought that we would go and check out some new phones. It was time that we could upgrade our phones so we went and checked them out. I wanted something with a keyboard for texting (because there are many times that I would rather text than talk) and Scott wanted and has been wanting an I-phone since they came out. So, he got an I-phone and I got this other phone with a keyboard which I thought that I would like a lot. That is until we got home and I got to messing around on SCott's new phone.

Turns out I liked the i-phone better and ended up going back this morning and returning my phone and getting an i-phone. It's the coolest thing ever, I love it! There are so many things that I can do on it and it's like a little computer more than it is a phone! I'm you can tell, the little things in life excite me!

We also finished Christmas shopping for Parker last night. It was a lot harder this year than it has been in the past just because I feel like he has everything already. And, it's so hard since his birthday is just 2 weeks after Christmas. He literally does have everything already! This year his gifts were more "big-boy" like and not such baby-like toys. We got him a guitar, drums (he thinks he'a rock star), a scooter, a skateboard (I know that he is not able to actually use the skateboard like he should, but one of the boys on the street has one and that is all he talks about!) a pair of My First Skates a Kid Tough Digital Camera and a lot of other things as well. I think he is really going to like what Santa brings him this year...or so I hope so. This year it's going to be so neat to see him opening his gifts since the past couple of years we have been doing it for him and he wasn't all that interested!

Well, off to play around with the i-phone! This thing is the coolest thing ever!

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