Friday, September 4, 2009

So sad

Today is my last day at work. I'm a bit sad. I really love my job here and I really love all of the people that work here too. Everyone here is so nice and welcoming and hilarious. There are so many things that we joke about and play around about (Mike with his Nerf gun). I was very lucky to be a part of this wonderful group of people at this wonderful company. I'm going to hate to see everyone go, and I'm worried about everyone finding a job. This is a hard time to have to find a job. It's gonna be rough.

I'm sad. I'm nervous. I feel like I have a huge weight on my shoulders. I feel like I've let my kids and Scott down.

I've never NOT had a job. Since I was 16 years old. It's gonna be different. Different for sure.

It's a sad day. For a lot of us.

Goodbye to all of my friends. The laughs that we have had are priceless. I'm going to miss them greatly.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Fair is in town! The Fair is in town!!!!

Well, it's that time of year again. Time for the Alexandria Fair...or the Worlds Fair for everyone who lives in Campbell Co.

Everyone here loves the fair. It's always Labor Day weekend and it's a great time to go and stand by the beer booth and see friends that you have not seen in years! I love it and look forward to it every year. It's just one of those things that you must go to each year! Good times.

Tonight is the opening night. We go to Jeremy and Shawns house (my cousins) because their house is right on the entrance of the fairgrounds and we watch the parade (yes..there is a parade!) and then we take the kids down to ride rides (well, Parker at least) and grab a bite to eat.

I love this time of year (and it also helps that it has been insanely beautfiful here for the past week, temps in the low 70's, cool every night and sunny sunny sunny!).

Yea for the Worlds Fair!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Laid off

Has today's economy affected your family? How you spend, if you go on vacation? Well, it wasn't really touching us much. Until now.

My company did their third round of layoff's on Tuesday. And, you guessed it...I was one of the not-so-lucky one's. I got the boot.

But, not just me. Last September they laid off 15 of my great co-workers. In June they laid of 2 of my co-workers and then on Tuesday, after a nice motivational e-mail from our president to ALL of our company telling us that they were beginning layoff's immediately, all but 8 of my co-workers were laid off on Tuesday morning.

It wasn't not an easy morning, let me tell ya. This is the third round of layoff's in just one year, so it's almost like everyone knows the deal. But, this time it was different. The first one last September was out of no where. So, it caught all of us off-guard and we had no idea how to take it. Then in June, same deal but it wasn't most of the department, only two people, so it was like a little smack in the face unlike a punch in the gut. Then, this one..was expected. We've all seen it coming for the past month or so, it was just a question of who, when and how bad. We knew that our particular site was in a nice downward spiral. Our projects had been cancelled and they sent out a new organizational structure chart a couple of weeks ago that conveniently left the our group here in Cincinnati out. So, that was clue number one. The a few short days later we got an e-mail saying that all of the projects that we had and were working on had been cancelled. Eww...punch number two. Then, they walked around and changed all of the locks on the doors (but said that they didn't know who had the previous locks and wanted to change them to keep track of who had what key...yea right). Then, came the e-mail at 3:30 on Monday afternoon that had ALL of us sitting in the middle of our department wondering if it was going to be that day. It wasn't. Our manager didn't even acknowledge it. So, all night Monday night I thought about it all night long, wondering if it was going to be me, or if was going to be the entire department or the entire building for that matter. Tuesday morning we came in and we had a meeting. They were disbanding the entire R&D department and only keeping 1/3 of the department and then getting rid of 2/3 of the department.

The morning sucked to be blunt. We all just sat around waiting. We quickly found out that they were meeting with the people that they were keeping first, and as the morning wore on, many of us figured it out that we were not the ones that they were keeping. They called all of us in (16 of us) and told us as a group (classy, huh?) that our positions have been eliminated and that September 25th was going to be our last day. They handed us our severance packets and sent us home.

We went to the bar.

And then to one of my co-workers house's and drank some more...and talked, vented and laughed. Rough day.

I'm not sure that it has hit me completely or not. I know that it has happened, but I think because we do have to come back here for a while that it just doesn't seem real. People are taking it how they are, and some of us are taking it okay and some of us are not taking it very well at all. It's hard for many because there are people who have been here for 30 years and this is the only job that they know and they are going to leave. And, there are people here that have their lively hoods resting on their jobs (cough and it's sad. It's sad that a group that works so stinkin hard and get's along so well and could conquer anything that was thrown their way---and our company feels like they just didn't need us anymore. So, it sucks.

September 25 is our official last day here, but if we get all of our projects transitioned over to whoever is going to take it before then we can head on out of here. So, I'm hoping to do that before next week I can have everything done and all of my personal stuff taken home and Friday can be my last day. I will be paid up until the 25th and then I get 6 weeks of severance from there, so I have a short amount of time to find another job. I would love to take some time and spend it with my boys, but, I cannot afford to do it. So, it's job hunting time for me....which I hate.

I'm sad...I'm sad for me, and I'm sad for the 25 people in my department that lost their jobs this week. It's not fair.

It's not fair.

Where is my beer?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Memories

So, I'm going to do this new thing that I've seen on a couple of other blogs. Just maybe a picture or two (or three or four) that is pretty old that I love. So, here it goes!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Parker. It was taken right after we had gone to watch my brother Jacob at his Freshman football game (Jake is starting his SENIOR year of high school today). It was SOOOOO cold out that I had to go to the concession stand and buy Parker a hat! This was October 2006. Look at my chunky monkey!

Getting some lovins' from Chompers! He is so stinking cute! I remember this day literally like it was yesterday.

Where did my baby go???

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to School

So...Parker is now a big boy. Pre-School. Parker is in pre-school and I cannot believe it!
Monday was his first day of pre-school, and we've been hyping it up all summer long trying to get him ready and prepared. He was pretty excited to be going to a new school ("Miss Mary's") and that Kaitlyn and Nolan from down the street were going to be there too.

This was Parker right before we left to head off to his first day of school. I took a vacation day on Monday so I could drop him off and pick him up in the afternoon, and I was near by so if anything happened I could go up there and take care of things.

When we got there, I loaded Beckett into the stroller so we could walk Big Brother in to his new class. His teacher's assistant, Ms. Sondra was waiting patiently for all of the kids who were being dropped off at 7:45 (there are two drop off times, 7:00-7:20 and 7:45 to 7:55.) When we walked in Ms. Sondra said, "Parker, I love your backpack!" his response was, "Thanks, my daddy ordered it. It was expensive, it cost 100 bucks!" She looked at me funny and I said, "That backpack did NOT cost $100!" Where does he come up with this stuff?!?

When we walked into his classroom he was a little hesitant. He sat down at a table by himself and just kind of checked things out for a couple of minutes.
Hanging onto Beckett's stroller for dear life. Beckett looked like he was ready to get up and play a bit!

I can only imagine what was going through his little head! I'm sure he was nervous and excited at the same time. Me --- I was ready to cry!

Once he found him a friend to talk to, he was off. He told me to leave Beckett there with him, and once I told him that Beckett had to go home with me, he was fine. He walked over to the rug with another little boy and then I snuck out of their classroom.

Walking through the halls I wanted to just start sobbing. I cannot believe that my little boy is in PRE-SCHOOL!!! It just seems like there is no way that he should be this old already. Before I know it, we're going to be dropping him off at college.....tears :(

When I went to pick him up they said that he did really well. And, there is no other feeling that having him run to you and wrap his arms around you and say, "Mommy, I missed you!" Because I don't think he will ever have any idea of how badly I miss him when he's not right there with me!

The rest of the week has not gone that well when it comes to dropping him off. There are a lot of tears shed (both mine and his!), but we're making progress! Soon, he's not going to want to come home!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Finally! Vacation pics!

The last day in Myrtle Beach...he was pooped! He sat down and fell asleep on daddy's lap and when daddy got up, he just kept on sleeping! Which, as windy as it was, I couldn't believe it! Too much vacation for Parker!
Parker loves doing flips in the pool. Scott can never throw him high enough!

My babies!

Beckett and Daddy in the pool! Beckett loves him some daddy!

Beckett and Scott at the Alligator Adventure was SOOO hot that day!

Buried in the sand!

Look how red my face is! This was right before we were leaving for dinner one night!

He's going to be just like his brother.....Goggle Man!

They buried Parker in the sand. I wasn't sure if he was really going to like it much or not, but I think at this point, he was so tired that day that he didn't really care! Gotta love him, he's such a good sport.

Cutie pie Parker!

They buried Daddy this time! Sorry they are not ALL looking at me! It's hard to get them to smile at the camera at the same time (and in Beckett's defense, Parker did have some cool floaties to play with!)

One of my favorite pictures taken before dinner at Key West Bar & Grille

Checking out all of the sights at Broadway at the Beach

Daddy's and their boys

Loves the beach!

The coolest kids on the beach! Aiden and Parker

One of my favorite pics from vacation!

Me, Beckett, Aiden and Parker in the kiddie pool.

Right after we got checked in and swim trunks on! We headed straight to the pool!
There were many more pictures of course, but I didn't want to load down my site with all of them. Those are some of my favorites, and sorry they are not in order!
We had such a good time and hope we get to do it again next year! The kids had a blast and so did we. Now, I miss it so much and cannot believe that it's almost been a month since we were there! This summer has gone so fast, but that is one week I wished would have lasted forever!

Monday, July 27, 2009

No pictures!

Well, I will post pictures, as I promised the other day, but not right now! Our computer just decided to go to shit...and in a hurry. So, thankfully our wonderful neighbor Brian, who is an IT guy has been working on our computer to try to get it back into working form. THEN, when I get it back I will post some pictures.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's been a month!

I cannot believe that it has been a month since I've posted anything! So, I apologize. I will try to be more diligent about it...but, I cannot make any promises!

We have been soooo busy. We FINALLY went on our long awaited vacation! I do not have access to the pictures that we have taken here at work (where I'm currently blogging from), but I will post sometime this weekend with all of the fun pics. Here are a few that I took on my phone that I do have access to.

This was while we were waiting for Peyton and Erika to call and let us know that they were close. We decided to leave at night time, so we could drive through the night, avoid some traffic and hopefully get the kids to sleep a majority of the way. I came home from work early that day so Scott could get some sleep and the poor guy COULD NOT fall asleep for anything! He kept trying and trying and he just couldn't do it. We planned to meet Peyton and Erika right off of the highway, so they were going to call when they were about a 1/2 hour away and then we were going to leave. Of course, Scott fell fast asleep 10 minutes before they called! Beckett has woke up around midnight and we decided to keep him awake until we got in the car. This was him staring up at his daddy and brother while they slept! Beckett was wide awake and ready to roll!

Scott, driving. He was pooped! I felt so bad for him because I know how it feels to drive when you have had NO sleep! Don't get your panties in a wad though...I did drive and offered to drive as much as he wanted me to!

We had stopped at about 5:30 in Gatlinburg and I told Scott that I would drive because I knew he was pooped. And, we were getting ready to get into the mountains, where you have to be on your guard the most. About half way through the mountains Parker started puking. We had walkie talkies so we could talk back and forth with Peyton and Erika without using our cell phones (which worked out wonderfully) and all of the sudden, right smack dab in the middle of the mountains I had to get on the walkie talkies and say, "We've got to pull over, I've got a puker!" Of course there are signs everywhere saying not to pull over unless it's an emergency and here we are getting him out of the car so he could puke over the guardrail. So, when we got back in the car we gave him some Coke to calm his tummy. I think he may have gotten a little bit car sick. If he's anything like his will happen all of the time! (Which is another reason why I drove through the mountains!)

This was Parker passed out cold about an hour away from Myrtle Beach. He was pooped! I had to keep reaching back and propping his head back up!

Finally, we were there! We kind of took our time getting there because our check-in wasn't until 3:00. When we got there we were exhausted, but, it was worth it. Look at our fabulous view!

I will write more when I can get access to more pictures. We had a blast! Cannot wait to do another vacation next year!

(and, I don't have any pictures of Beckett while we were in the car because he still has to sit rear facing in the car)

GOOD NEWS!!! Scott has wanted to be the head baseball coach at Campbell Co. (which is where we went to high school and where he played baseball) since retiring from the Cardinals and for the past 4 years at the end of every baseball season there are always rumors going around that they were going to offer him the job, or their current coach was going to retire. Well, same for this year, except, their coach really did retire and the job was actually open! So, he applied of course and his interview was Monday morning. They offered him the job on Tuesday afternoon (swearing him to secrecy until this morning). We are beyond pumped about it (although it's totally going to suck for me in the spring), but I know that this is what he has wanted to do forever. It's going to be so good to see him back at CCHS, where we came from! I cannot wait! We are going to make Parker the bat boy and he can sit in the dugout and will have his own uniform and everything! We will miss Brossart...but this is going to be awesome! Go Camels!

So, lots of good stuff going on for us! I will post more pics and info about our awesome vacation over the next couple of days!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Six....thats how many pounds I have lost since beginning my trip back to being skinny. 6 POUNDS!

I grew up my entire life all the way through college being the skinny girl. Almost the abnormally skinny girl (and now I didn't have an eating disorder). I was just tiny. Didn't get over 100 lbs and out of kids jeans until I was 21 or 22. And, then something happened. Something I'm not quite sure of. Like my body just decided one day, "Hey, I'm done being skinny....let's get fat!". And, so I packed on a couple of pounds. A lot at one point (which I blame on school all day, work all night and then eating Wendy's at 11:00pm almost 5 days a week). Then, I lost it all, got back to being skinny again and had Parker. Gained 53 pounds. Lost all but 5 lbs of it and then had Beckett. So, here I'am again. Fat. Hanging on to the baby weight (which I've promised my body multiple times that I REALLY will not miss it..just let it go!~) I've been telling myself since coming back to work in January that I was going to go on a diet. This year we are going on vacation and I wanted to be skinny. I didn't want to wear a one peice bathing suite, I wanted a bikini. But, I never did it. I never started eating better or exercising.

Then, June 8th, it happened. I was on my way home from work and just decided I was done. I was sick and tired of being fat. I was going to lose this weight even if it killed me because I WANT to be skinny again. And, so does the whole closet full of skinny clothes that are sitting in my closet that have not been worn in over 2 years. And that night I began eating healthy (cutting back portions, watching my calories/fat/carbs) and walking. I love to walk, it's so peaceful and relaxing and I wish I could do it every night. So, since June 8th I've walked every night, a little over 2 miles a night and it feels awesome! Yesterday i walked from our house to Scott's mom and dad's house and then back that night. It felt REALLY good!

So, this morning I weighed myself and I've lost 6 pounds since I started. Now, only 22 more pounds to go and I'll be back. Now, I know my body will not be the same. My kids have left me with a nice little pooch in my belly that I'm pretty sure won't go away, even with a million crunches a day. But, I'm gonna get there again. I will be skinny again...I WILL do it! And it WON'T come back!

And, yesterday was Father's Day. I didn't get to see my own daddy yesterday (couldn't get a hold of him - which was because he was spending some time visiting his daddy who is very sick right now and bed-ridden. ) But, I did get to spend it with Scott.

Scott- you are the best daddy. I know that sometimes I get frustrated with you about things, but, I couldn't ask for a better daddy or husband. Your boys love you more than anything and you are so sweet to them. You work so hard for our family and you have no idea how much I appreciate that!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer days in the pool.......

make for summer nights spent like this :

Scott brought him home from swimming on Monday afternoon about 4:30 and Parker was so tired that he laid down on the floor of the garage and went to sleep! After 5 minutes of taking advantage and taking pictures, Scott finally pulled him off of the floor!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer with your best buddy

During the summer we love to swim. We do not have a pool ourselves, but Scott's mom and dad have a pool and his aunt Georgia has a pool and since they both live right by us you can pretty much find us there all of the time. But, we do have a blow up pool for Parker, which, it's only about 2 ft deep at the most and really just good enough size for him to swim in by himself, but all of the kids have a ball in it.

So, Friday night Dylan spent the night as he does most Friday nights, and Saturday morning they wanted to go swimming in Parker's little pool. We filled it up at 8:30am and from 9-2:30 they swam and played in that pool. Well, from getting in and out and splashing most of the water out into the yard the pool was nasty. It looked like mud water and then the grass around it was just pure mud. You couldn't even see their limbs while they were in the pool the water was so nasty!

Hense, this picture:

They were such a mess! But, they had a blast!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Poor Car

My mom and step-dad Dan are out of town this week on their first "real" vacation in quite some time. They headed down to Ft. Myer, FL for the week and were brave enough to leave my two sisters Rachael and Andrea and brother Jacob home by themselves. This is Andrea's last week of high school and Jacob's last week of school as well. So, really there was no option of even bringing them.

So, mom and Dan left and gave strict instructions regarding the car, mom's car. They were told that NO ONE but Andrea was aloud to drive the car. Andrea is the only on who doesn't have her own vehicle, and with all of the Senior Activities that she had to do this week they wanted to make sure she had a car to get back and forth in without having to worry about finding a way to and from.

Sunday night Rachael has a cook-out with her friends and at about 3:30am Jacob comes outside and asks Rachael for the keys to mom's car. She tells him that he is not allowed to use the car and he said he wanted to take it to the bank to get some money out so he could buy gas to put in his car. It was a long fight with Rachael telling him that he couldn't take the car, to take his own car. So, after yelling at him for about 15 minutes he went inside and she thought that the issue was over. Well, then she hears mom's car start, and Jacob peeling out of the driveway. He decided not to listen to her at all and go against mom's rules and take the car.

About 15 minutes later she had to run a friend up to the gas station and who of all people were there? My brother, driving mom's car. AND, his little friend A driving Jacob's truck (that he has had for all of two months). R proceeds to get in a fight with him, telling him to take the car home, he's not allowed in it or to be driving it and he is legally not allowed out in the car by himself after midnight (state of KY has a rule that you cannot be in the car past midnight without a licensed driver who is 21 years old or older). He doesn't listen to her and he takes off in mom's car with his friend A following behind him in J's truck.

The next morning everyone got up and Andrea went to leave and mom's car but Jacob was home. They went ans asked him where the car was and he told them he had wrecked it. He wrecked my mom's car!!!!!! This is the third totalled car that they have had in the last three years! I don't know what in the world he was thinking or what he was ACTUALLY doing (he SAID that he swerved to miss a deer and hit a tree, but then told everyone at school the next day that he was racing A in his truck and lost control of the car and hit a who knows what the actual story really is).

I found out and chewed his behind. I was so mad at him and still am. I couldn't believe that he had done that and to be so irresponsible on top of it. He could have killed himself or someone else and that just made me so sick to my stomach.

So, last night when we took Parker to his swimming lessons we stopped by the lot where the car had been towed to. Here she all her wrecked glory:

It's not as bad as I had previously thought, but it's still not great. My poor mom, this is her first EVER brand new car and she has only had it for about 2 years. I'm sure she is just beside herself being away from her kids when this has happened and not being able to do anything. I'm hoping the cost to get it fixed isn't too bad.

And, I hope J get's his car taken away and sold, because he doesn't deserve to have it.

Thats my story for the day...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scuba Steve

Well, tonight is the last night of Parker's swimming lessons and I have to tell ya....I don't think that they really taught him anything that he doesn't already know. That child is a fish, loves the pool, jumping in, going under water. But, he has always had his floaties on, so I really wanted him to get started in swimming.

He has had a blast so far and has one particular kid that he likes to sit next to on the side of the pool as they wait their turn. His name is Ryder and the kid is too cute. Parker and him talk to eachother the entire time. The teacher has them hang onto the side of the pool as she takes each one of them individually out in the water one by one. Parker is always hanging on and going under and coming back up, going under and coming back up. Well, last week Parker went under and came back up but then pushed himself away from the side of the pool. Too far for him to be able to grab on and pull himself back up. So, immediately I jump up off of the bench and I can just see the panic in his poor little eyes and he was trying to come back up, but, really didn't know how. I got down on my hands and knees and tried to reach for him but was just shy of being able to reach his hands. So, I'm thinking, I'm going in. In my heels, white pants and all...I'm going in this pool.

Well, then out of no where I see Ryder's little 3 year old hands reach out and grab Parker and pull him back to the side. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen!

So, Parker got out and was a little shaken up, but I told him to get back in, it was okay he didn't get hurt. So, he did. And then he says to Ryder:

"Thank you for saving my life"

I just about started balling my eyes out because it was so stinkin cute and just sweet.

So, then as we were leaving he said to me, "Mommy. Ryder saved my life"

Yes....yes he did.

Parker (right) & Ryder (left)

Sleeping in his goggles on the way to swimming

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bad a'tude

Monday was Scott's birthday and I had this big plan to go pick the boys up from Scott's mom and dad's house and then go to Coldstone Creamery and get him an ice cream cake. He's not a huge fan of sweets (unnatural I tell ya) but he has always said that he would like to try their cake batter ice cream cake. After getting the cake I planned to run to Hallmark and get him a card from me and a a card from the boys and then wanted to take them to the Dollar Store so Parker could go around and pick some stuff out that he would like to give to daddy.

I picked Parker up and he was a bear....terribly tired and just being rotten. So, I get him in the car and he falls asleep after being on the road for about 5 minutes. We get to Cold Stone and it took us 15 minutes just to get in the place because I had to wake him up and he wasn't happy. He wanted to sit in the stroller, and of course I didn't have the Sit-N-Stand (best investment ever) with me, so he was ticked off. We finally get in there, get the cake, and some ice cream cupcakes (which are pure Heaven) and back into the car we went (which was another ordeal). He threw such a fit in the car and was being horrible, so I warned him. If he kept acting like that we were not going to stop and get daddy a card. He apologized to me and not five minutes goes by and he's doing it again. So, I told him that we were not able to go and get daddy a card because he was being bad.

We pull into our street and I said, "We will make Daddy a birthday card." and Parker says, "No mommy, I can't make daddy a card." and I asked him why.....he says, "Cause I have a bad a'tude"

God I love that kid...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Thank God I bought so much underwear!

So, I feel like most of the week I'm sinking. Not enough time to do anything that I really want to do. I go to work, come home, do dinner, play with the boys, give them a bath, do a load of laundry, straighten up the house and then sit down to do homework. And, since it's baseball season, Scott is not home, so I'm doing MOST (not all) by myself. It stinks. Two kids, one who thinks he can just go outside anytime that he wants to (and wants to be outside ALL of the time) and the other who tends to get sick of things pretty quick, it doesn't leave a whole lot of time to get housework done.

So, the other night we put the kids to bed and I'm in the bathroom in our bedroom. I look and it's so gross in there. Just--ick. And, then I walk past the laundry room and notice that the huge basket of clothes for the boys that I folded and put in there have been on the laundry room floor for about 2 weeks now. When I got downstairs there was another basket of towels that I started to attempt to fold on Saturday, still sitting there. NEVER would I have left a laundry basket in plain sight in my living room. Never would I have just folded it and shoved it all in a basket and just not put it away. I cannot stand stuff like that. But, nope, it is sitting there. And, you know why...cause I don't have time to give a rats behind. Which, get's me to the title of this post.

I was packing Parker's bag for school that night and thought, "Oh my gosh, I hope that he has more than one pair of underwear clean" (We pack a couple of pairs *just in case* he has an accident) and, thankfully I did. Even though I have not done laundry in almost a week, he still has plenty of underwear clean. Which, I had to show to Scott. Because when we started potty training Parker I went out and bought about 25 pairs of underwear. You just never know how many your going to need. Scott was kinda ticked off about it because I had bought so much, but, it's for these times, where the laundry hasn't been done and everything is behind, that your thankful that mom bought enough underwear to cover the butts of every boy in our neighborhood!

I figure when my kids are in high school or college I might get a *little* caught up on housework, but to be honest, I care, I really do, but not as much as I thought that I would. I get stressed about it, because I'm pretty OCD about my house. Things have to be in their place and they usually are every night, and I like the bathrooms to be sparkling clean (which is not too often now considering Parker still hasn't quite figured out this "aiming" thing.) and I like it to look like it's not been lived in! I know that is unrealistic, but, I just like it to be clean at least before I go to bed. And, it doesn't look like that anymore. It's dirty (although I consider my house to be dirty is there is a pair of shoes laying on the, take that for what it's worth). But, now, I'm just like, "whatever" It is what it is and my kids come before my clean house and right now we just do not have the time. We have neighbors that we are pretty close to, and they have four kids ages ranging from 10 to 18. They are always busy running here and there and their lives are very hectic. Right now, they are more hectic than usual, both of their parents are sick and in the hospital and they've got multiple other things going on that cannot be pushed off. So, I asked the other night how they get anything done with running around all of the time, and how do they deal with it. They told me what now is my philosophy on it all.

Ron said, "Once you admit to yourself that you are never going to be caught up on anything and your always going to be one the get's a little easier."

So, since hearing that each time I start to go into my anxiety attack about my poor dirty home, I just tell myself to get over it..because I'm never going to be caught up and there is no reason to get upset about it. And, I've been dealing with my house not being the way I like it to be much better!

Alright, vent about my house done. Today is Friday and I'm pumped. Scott is off from baseball tonight (woohoo) and he only has one game tomorrow and then is off again on Sunday, so I'm very excited. I'm ready for this weekend! I *hope* to get all of the winter clothes from the boys put in bins and get all of their new summer clothes put up----but, once again, I doubt that it is going to happen!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A 4.0!!!!!!!!

When Scott started working at the alternative school I was a little miffed. Never did I ever see him becoming a teacher. Scott is good at whatever he does, he is just that type of person. He doesn't even have to try and he excels. I always seen him in the sports field or doing sales of some kind because of his BSing capabilities. But, he got this job at the alternative school and that is when his teaching career started.

For two years Scott has been working on getting his Masters in Special Education. He has been working his butt off. He started the program shortly after Parker was born (earning his teaching certificate as well) and between one kid, to two kids and baseball, referring basketball on Friday and Saturdays and umpiring baseball he has finally earned his Masters degree. And, the best part....he is graduating with a 4.0! I'm so proud of him! He should be so proud of himself as well. I'm so proud of him and hope that he knows how great he is! He is a super daddy!

Now it's onto getting his Rank 1, which is another year in school and then after that he is going to start on yet another Master's degree. Such a hard worker that hubby of mine!

Parker ended his first session of gymnastics on Saturday, complete with dancing and a ribbon of completion (which almost made me cry). Tonight he starts swimming lessons and I'm excited to watch (parents are not allowed to take part, we have to stay in our little corner). I'm just afraid that I'm not going to be able to get him to get out of the pool when he is told to!

Beckett is growing like a weed...almost 7 months old! I cannot believe that it has gone so fast. Before we know it, him and Parker will be romping around with each other...instant best friends!

The warm weather is finally here and I'm so excited. It makes it a bit harder to get anything done in the house because Parker wants to be outside all of the time, but it's worth all of the wonderful nights out walking and playing. It's about time...I hated this drug on entirely too long!

Here's to 4.0's, swimming lessons, growing babies and warmer weather!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back into the swing of things

I need to get on here more often! I know, I'm a total slacker, but, I've been so busy I cannot help it! The Internet is not something I get on at home hardly ever, unless it's something I have to look up like a phone number or recipe. I get on Facebook, but it's on my phone, so really it doesn't count.

It is snowing here today...can you believe this crap! Snow! Since when does it snow in April? Yesterday was the Red's Opening Day and each year if you are not a season ticket holder than you can enter this lottery to get a change to purchase tickets. Last year I was chosen and didn't get tickets, and was kinda bummed a little that we didn't buy any or go. (Scott's not into the whole Opening day deal, and I've never been but it looks like so much fun!). This year I didn't win and I'm kind of glad! It was freezing cold and raining yesterday, so, no tears here! God bless those who did brave the cold weather for the boys of summer!

I love baseball season. Scott is in his 4th year of coaching high school baseball (cannot believe it's already been 4 years since he has come home from baseball for's gone so fast!) and although I complain a bunch and it get's kinda hectic at our house at night (even more so since Beckett is here now as well) I really love it. And, I love that he loves it. There is just something about him when he talks about baseball, weather he is complaining about it or can just tell it's in his blood. He truly loves the game of baseball and I don't really think he could function without it. I know that sometimes he says that he is done and he's ready to call it quits on coaching, but, I know that this is just him. It's a huge part of him that I don't think that he will ever be able to give up. I remember before we found out that I was pregnant with Parker Scott had this huge dilemma about baseball. I think it was wearing on him that he was gone all of the time and he was never at home and he was missing so many things. He would call and tell me that he was ready to hang it up, come home, quit living out of a suitcase. I was so worried about him. I called his best friends, we would have hour long conversations about what was wrong with him and what was going on to make him feel like that. He eventually told me that it just wasn't fun anymore and that baseball was supposed to be fun and not a job. Then we found out shortly after his big crisis that I was pregnant with Parker. I didn't want to tell him because I didn't want him to feel like he had to leave baseball for us. But, he did that all on his own. He said to me, "I would rather be a good daddy than a good baseball player." I don't think I will ever forget the moment he said that to me. Made me realize how special he really is. He was so scared to give it up though too. He didn't know what he was going to do with his life--all he had ever known was baseball. He never even really had a job (unless you count working at Bob Evans as a bus boy for about 2 months in high school with Greg Jones...and it really doesn't count because those two did nothing but goof off!) Now look at him. A Special Ed teacher (and a damn good one at that) and in just two short weeks he will have his Master's degree in Special Education! Definitely not something that I saw happening, but, he is so good at it! This was truly his calling, he just didn't realize it. And, although he was a damn good baseball player...he is a way better daddy. And, being a teacher and a daddy may not pay the millions of dollars that being a professional baseball player does, but I'm going to guarantee that it's 100% more rewarding!

So, anyways, off of my rant. (Got a little sidetracked there!). So, it's baseball season and we are getting closer and closer to the warmer weather and the days spent in the pool. I love the summer, and cannot wait for it to finally be here for good!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time....'s something that I'm seriously lacking these days. Tonight is literally the first night in weeks that I've been able to sit down and watch a little tv and get on here and right something. Literally...the first night in weeks I've sat down other than going to bed at midnight after cleaning up all night long.

Other than not having hardly any time to myself, things have been good in the Schweitzer household. Baseball season is in full swing, so I'm pretty much a single mother right now! It's okay I guess...Scott get's to do what he loves and it's only a couple of months out of the year..I grin and bear it. It's hard right now because we get home and it's been really nice outside so Parker wants to spend all of his time outside, which I would love to do! But, it's like we get home, we have to get dinner ready and then by the time we get things done it's almost getting dark and it's time for baths and bed! I hate it. Tonight was nice because Scott had the day off so all of the "chores" didn't fall completely on me .

Work has been okay, school has been insane. This week has been one of the worst weeks EVER and I'm so happy to finally have it almost over with tomorrow. It will be nice just to hang with my babies this weekend. I've become the total home-body--I feel like I spend so much time at work and running around like a mad woman that it's just nice to be here, in our pj's all day long and hanging out.

Well, I'm going to try to head to bed..maybe before 1:00am for the first time in weeks! I promise I'm trying to keep up with this thing, but, it's getting kinda hard.

Oh--this week I signed Parker up for pre-school! YES! Pre-School! I cannot believe it. And, on Monday, Beckett is going to be 6 months old! Yikes.

And, we're going on vacation this summer. Totally excited because this is the first time that we have been on vacation since our honeymoon 4 1/2 years ago! And, it's our first family vacation. I cannot wait to see Parker's reaction when he see's the ocean and all of the sand. It's going to be so fun, I cannot wait!

Oh..and I turned 29 on March 6th...make me puke! One more year in my 20's and then I cross over into the dark side! I NEVER thought that I would be seemed so far away. Now that I'm almost there, I think it's not so bad! I'm still damn young!

AND..Stephanie and Jon got engaged! Yea for them. April 24, 2010...and for this one I will not be fat from just having a baby nor will I be 9 months pregnant with another baby like the last two weddings I've been in! I plan to be skinny, tan and have long hair for this one!

One more thing - Tonight is the very last episode of ER..which is weird because I can remember watching this while i was in high school, like a freshman in high school. I have not actually watched it in years, I like the old cast much better than the new (you know, Dr. Carter, that whole group), but I thought that I would watch the last's kinda sad. Like when Friends's almost like they become REAL people!

Alright..enough with the rambling! Here are a few recent pics!