Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time....'s something that I'm seriously lacking these days. Tonight is literally the first night in weeks that I've been able to sit down and watch a little tv and get on here and right something. Literally...the first night in weeks I've sat down other than going to bed at midnight after cleaning up all night long.

Other than not having hardly any time to myself, things have been good in the Schweitzer household. Baseball season is in full swing, so I'm pretty much a single mother right now! It's okay I guess...Scott get's to do what he loves and it's only a couple of months out of the year..I grin and bear it. It's hard right now because we get home and it's been really nice outside so Parker wants to spend all of his time outside, which I would love to do! But, it's like we get home, we have to get dinner ready and then by the time we get things done it's almost getting dark and it's time for baths and bed! I hate it. Tonight was nice because Scott had the day off so all of the "chores" didn't fall completely on me .

Work has been okay, school has been insane. This week has been one of the worst weeks EVER and I'm so happy to finally have it almost over with tomorrow. It will be nice just to hang with my babies this weekend. I've become the total home-body--I feel like I spend so much time at work and running around like a mad woman that it's just nice to be here, in our pj's all day long and hanging out.

Well, I'm going to try to head to bed..maybe before 1:00am for the first time in weeks! I promise I'm trying to keep up with this thing, but, it's getting kinda hard.

Oh--this week I signed Parker up for pre-school! YES! Pre-School! I cannot believe it. And, on Monday, Beckett is going to be 6 months old! Yikes.

And, we're going on vacation this summer. Totally excited because this is the first time that we have been on vacation since our honeymoon 4 1/2 years ago! And, it's our first family vacation. I cannot wait to see Parker's reaction when he see's the ocean and all of the sand. It's going to be so fun, I cannot wait!

Oh..and I turned 29 on March 6th...make me puke! One more year in my 20's and then I cross over into the dark side! I NEVER thought that I would be seemed so far away. Now that I'm almost there, I think it's not so bad! I'm still damn young!

AND..Stephanie and Jon got engaged! Yea for them. April 24, 2010...and for this one I will not be fat from just having a baby nor will I be 9 months pregnant with another baby like the last two weddings I've been in! I plan to be skinny, tan and have long hair for this one!

One more thing - Tonight is the very last episode of ER..which is weird because I can remember watching this while i was in high school, like a freshman in high school. I have not actually watched it in years, I like the old cast much better than the new (you know, Dr. Carter, that whole group), but I thought that I would watch the last's kinda sad. Like when Friends's almost like they become REAL people!

Alright..enough with the rambling! Here are a few recent pics!

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