Thursday, April 23, 2009

A 4.0!!!!!!!!

When Scott started working at the alternative school I was a little miffed. Never did I ever see him becoming a teacher. Scott is good at whatever he does, he is just that type of person. He doesn't even have to try and he excels. I always seen him in the sports field or doing sales of some kind because of his BSing capabilities. But, he got this job at the alternative school and that is when his teaching career started.

For two years Scott has been working on getting his Masters in Special Education. He has been working his butt off. He started the program shortly after Parker was born (earning his teaching certificate as well) and between one kid, to two kids and baseball, referring basketball on Friday and Saturdays and umpiring baseball he has finally earned his Masters degree. And, the best part....he is graduating with a 4.0! I'm so proud of him! He should be so proud of himself as well. I'm so proud of him and hope that he knows how great he is! He is a super daddy!

Now it's onto getting his Rank 1, which is another year in school and then after that he is going to start on yet another Master's degree. Such a hard worker that hubby of mine!

Parker ended his first session of gymnastics on Saturday, complete with dancing and a ribbon of completion (which almost made me cry). Tonight he starts swimming lessons and I'm excited to watch (parents are not allowed to take part, we have to stay in our little corner). I'm just afraid that I'm not going to be able to get him to get out of the pool when he is told to!

Beckett is growing like a weed...almost 7 months old! I cannot believe that it has gone so fast. Before we know it, him and Parker will be romping around with each other...instant best friends!

The warm weather is finally here and I'm so excited. It makes it a bit harder to get anything done in the house because Parker wants to be outside all of the time, but it's worth all of the wonderful nights out walking and playing. It's about time...I hated this drug on entirely too long!

Here's to 4.0's, swimming lessons, growing babies and warmer weather!

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Audrey Cannon Lillpop said...

He's a smarty pants. Cheers to you all!!!