Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer with your best buddy

During the summer we love to swim. We do not have a pool ourselves, but Scott's mom and dad have a pool and his aunt Georgia has a pool and since they both live right by us you can pretty much find us there all of the time. But, we do have a blow up pool for Parker, which, it's only about 2 ft deep at the most and really just good enough size for him to swim in by himself, but all of the kids have a ball in it.

So, Friday night Dylan spent the night as he does most Friday nights, and Saturday morning they wanted to go swimming in Parker's little pool. We filled it up at 8:30am and from 9-2:30 they swam and played in that pool. Well, from getting in and out and splashing most of the water out into the yard the pool was nasty. It looked like mud water and then the grass around it was just pure mud. You couldn't even see their limbs while they were in the pool the water was so nasty!

Hense, this picture:

They were such a mess! But, they had a blast!

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