Monday, June 22, 2009


Six....thats how many pounds I have lost since beginning my trip back to being skinny. 6 POUNDS!

I grew up my entire life all the way through college being the skinny girl. Almost the abnormally skinny girl (and now I didn't have an eating disorder). I was just tiny. Didn't get over 100 lbs and out of kids jeans until I was 21 or 22. And, then something happened. Something I'm not quite sure of. Like my body just decided one day, "Hey, I'm done being skinny....let's get fat!". And, so I packed on a couple of pounds. A lot at one point (which I blame on school all day, work all night and then eating Wendy's at 11:00pm almost 5 days a week). Then, I lost it all, got back to being skinny again and had Parker. Gained 53 pounds. Lost all but 5 lbs of it and then had Beckett. So, here I'am again. Fat. Hanging on to the baby weight (which I've promised my body multiple times that I REALLY will not miss it..just let it go!~) I've been telling myself since coming back to work in January that I was going to go on a diet. This year we are going on vacation and I wanted to be skinny. I didn't want to wear a one peice bathing suite, I wanted a bikini. But, I never did it. I never started eating better or exercising.

Then, June 8th, it happened. I was on my way home from work and just decided I was done. I was sick and tired of being fat. I was going to lose this weight even if it killed me because I WANT to be skinny again. And, so does the whole closet full of skinny clothes that are sitting in my closet that have not been worn in over 2 years. And that night I began eating healthy (cutting back portions, watching my calories/fat/carbs) and walking. I love to walk, it's so peaceful and relaxing and I wish I could do it every night. So, since June 8th I've walked every night, a little over 2 miles a night and it feels awesome! Yesterday i walked from our house to Scott's mom and dad's house and then back that night. It felt REALLY good!

So, this morning I weighed myself and I've lost 6 pounds since I started. Now, only 22 more pounds to go and I'll be back. Now, I know my body will not be the same. My kids have left me with a nice little pooch in my belly that I'm pretty sure won't go away, even with a million crunches a day. But, I'm gonna get there again. I will be skinny again...I WILL do it! And it WON'T come back!

And, yesterday was Father's Day. I didn't get to see my own daddy yesterday (couldn't get a hold of him - which was because he was spending some time visiting his daddy who is very sick right now and bed-ridden. ) But, I did get to spend it with Scott.

Scott- you are the best daddy. I know that sometimes I get frustrated with you about things, but, I couldn't ask for a better daddy or husband. Your boys love you more than anything and you are so sweet to them. You work so hard for our family and you have no idea how much I appreciate that!

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