Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bad a'tude

Monday was Scott's birthday and I had this big plan to go pick the boys up from Scott's mom and dad's house and then go to Coldstone Creamery and get him an ice cream cake. He's not a huge fan of sweets (unnatural I tell ya) but he has always said that he would like to try their cake batter ice cream cake. After getting the cake I planned to run to Hallmark and get him a card from me and a a card from the boys and then wanted to take them to the Dollar Store so Parker could go around and pick some stuff out that he would like to give to daddy.

I picked Parker up and he was a bear....terribly tired and just being rotten. So, I get him in the car and he falls asleep after being on the road for about 5 minutes. We get to Cold Stone and it took us 15 minutes just to get in the place because I had to wake him up and he wasn't happy. He wanted to sit in the stroller, and of course I didn't have the Sit-N-Stand (best investment ever) with me, so he was ticked off. We finally get in there, get the cake, and some ice cream cupcakes (which are pure Heaven) and back into the car we went (which was another ordeal). He threw such a fit in the car and was being horrible, so I warned him. If he kept acting like that we were not going to stop and get daddy a card. He apologized to me and not five minutes goes by and he's doing it again. So, I told him that we were not able to go and get daddy a card because he was being bad.

We pull into our street and I said, "We will make Daddy a birthday card." and Parker says, "No mommy, I can't make daddy a card." and I asked him why.....he says, "Cause I have a bad a'tude"

God I love that kid...

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