Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scuba Steve

Well, tonight is the last night of Parker's swimming lessons and I have to tell ya....I don't think that they really taught him anything that he doesn't already know. That child is a fish, loves the pool, jumping in, going under water. But, he has always had his floaties on, so I really wanted him to get started in swimming.

He has had a blast so far and has one particular kid that he likes to sit next to on the side of the pool as they wait their turn. His name is Ryder and the kid is too cute. Parker and him talk to eachother the entire time. The teacher has them hang onto the side of the pool as she takes each one of them individually out in the water one by one. Parker is always hanging on and going under and coming back up, going under and coming back up. Well, last week Parker went under and came back up but then pushed himself away from the side of the pool. Too far for him to be able to grab on and pull himself back up. So, immediately I jump up off of the bench and I can just see the panic in his poor little eyes and he was trying to come back up, but, really didn't know how. I got down on my hands and knees and tried to reach for him but was just shy of being able to reach his hands. So, I'm thinking, I'm going in. In my heels, white pants and all...I'm going in this pool.

Well, then out of no where I see Ryder's little 3 year old hands reach out and grab Parker and pull him back to the side. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen!

So, Parker got out and was a little shaken up, but I told him to get back in, it was okay he didn't get hurt. So, he did. And then he says to Ryder:

"Thank you for saving my life"

I just about started balling my eyes out because it was so stinkin cute and just sweet.

So, then as we were leaving he said to me, "Mommy. Ryder saved my life"

Yes....yes he did.

Parker (right) & Ryder (left)

Sleeping in his goggles on the way to swimming

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