Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sleep......whats sleep?

So, I know that with a new baby, you don't get much sleep. I've been down this road before, there has been no surprise here. And, it was one of the things about having another baby that I was dredding because I know how awful it is. But, I also knew that it passes and it does get better and eventually you get sleep.

But, what I was not expecting was for PARKER to be the one who wasn't sleeping! My wonderful little boy who took 3 hour naps during the day and still went to bed at 8:30 and slept for 10-12 hours just stopped. The day we came home with Beckett the naps stopped and for two solid weeks it took us 3 hours every night to get into bed. It's been horrible. So, we've been going without naps, and now as long as he doesn't take a nap he is fine and will go to bed. But, if he does take any kind of a nap, no matter if it is for 3 hours or five minutes he doesn't go to bed until midnight. And, no nap = a insane day and a over cranky 2 year old who wants to fall asleep on the couch at 6:00 at night and parents who have to stand him up while asleep to get him to wake up. It's horrible, I hope this is just a phase.

Oh...and a message to my new little guy Beckett....sleeping more than 2 1/2 hours at a time is allowed......mommy WILL NOT be mad if you sleep more than that!

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