Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Will I ever get caught up????

So, to conitnue on with my story and hopefull (fingers crossed) to get caught up on this darn blog...

So, we get to the hospital and my contractions are pretty bad by this time. Scott takes me in a wheel chair to L&D...which was totally funny. We get there and Scott wonders if Jen is going to be there...Jen White, well now Jen Musk. We went to high school together, she was at my 12th birthday party for goodness sakes. She was with us when Parker was born and we were hoping that she would be there again for this little guy. And, when we told them my name, the nurse/HUC said..."Jen is waiting for her" She saw that we were coming in and told them that I was to be her patient! She is so great, and immediately I was at ease.

That ease didn't last for long. By the time I got my clothes changed and changed into that nasty ass hospital gown the contractions were horrific. Scott was on the phone with Diane, who was at our house trying to find the outfit that I wanted Beckett to wear for his pictures since I had nothing packed and the whole time he is asking me what it is and I'm literally yelling at him.."I don't give a f*ck about the damn clothes!" because I was in so much pain I didn't even want to talk! I was already 6 cm dialated when we got there so I was progressing pretty good. Then Jen came in with horrible news. She told me that they couldn't give me my epidural yet because my blood pressure was up and they had to do some blood tests to make sure I was okay enough to get it. I was so upset. I couldn't handle it anymore, it was aweful. It was sooooo painful and I literally just shut everyone out and shut down just to concentrate on getting through the contractions. Pat and Julia came over and I scared the crap out Pat because I was just in a zone. But then, my angel came...the anethesiologist! Dr. Lum came in about 10:00 or so and told me that it would be about a 1/2 hour before i started to push because I was 9cm at that point. Everyone was there by then, Pat, Julia, Mom, Rachael, Andrea, Dad, Letty, Diane. And, I was a nice, sane person again, so I was loving every minute of it.

Then, Dr. Lum came in a little after 11 and at 11:23 we started pushing and Beckett Murphy Schweitzer was born at 11:53pm on 10/6/08 weighing in at 7lbs 6oz and 19 3/4 inches long. So, he was a pound bigger than Parker and an inch longer! Everything went super quick and REALLY easy. I thought that Parker's birth was easy, but Beckett made it look like horrible labor in comparison. I've been very blessed with easy births and VERY healthy babies.

So, we were at the hospital until Wednesday afternoon and I didn't have a whole lot of pain..no pain medicine, just some Motrin. Julie, Carla, Charlene, Suzanne, Paula, Tina and Barbie all came up to see me. It was so good seeing them. I was so happy to come home though this time. I remember with Parker I wanted to stay, but this time I wanted to come home.

Everything has gone very smooth so far. It has been nothing like it was with Parker. I had a couple of days of crying with the hormones and stuff, but it didn't last long. The pain was never really horrible. Beckett has been an AWESOME baby, sleeping very well, eating very well. Parker has been very good too. He started off not wanting to go to sleep at night, and he hasn't taken a nap in the three weeks that Beckett has been here, but other than that he is doing really good. It's kinda weird, Beckett just kinda fit right into the family and we've adjusted really well. I'm kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop (which is something that Scott has never heard before and he swears that I've made it up!) because everything is going so well, but, I'm hoping that we continue on our good path.

I'm a little sad this time around because we have decided not to have any more kids, that two is good for us, which means that I will not be bringing a new baby home every again and that makes me a little sad. They grow up so fast, which is why I think I appreciate this stage so much more than I did with Parker. With Parker I just wanted him to get through the sleeplessness stage and to get a little bigger...and with Beckett I wish he would stay the teeny tiny little guy forever!

So, we're home, Scott is back to work and it's just me and the boys during the day and it's been going fairly well. I'm already dreading going back to work and I don't have to go back until January 5th.........it's nice to be a stay at home mommy right now!

So..as soon as I figure out how to add some pictures, I will do it! I just have to figure it out first.

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