Friday, September 19, 2008 we are

So, here we are....I've got a blog. Kinda weird, never thought that I would have one, but I thought that it was kind of a neat way to keep people up to date, and if not people (because really, who is going to want to read this blog?) then myself. I hardly remember what happened a couple of days ago. And, it's kinda like journaling which I did for a really long time as a teen. I feel like I'm a little over the journaling stage. Okay, no I'm not..I just don't have the time to sit down and write...and my life isn't as dramatic as it was when I was 17, so there is just not THAT much that I have to say!

I wish I could tell you that this is going to be one of those blogs that keep you coming back because I'm the whittiest person (don't even know if I spelled that right) and have such funny things to say. Because, as much as I would LOVE to be that person, I'm not. My friends are, but me...not so much. This is just going to be your day to do ramblings I guess. Nothing too exciting...just me.

So, why is called Queen among Kings? Hello...because there is not one single female in my house besides myself...I have all males. My husband, son Parker who is 2 1/2, the dog, Chompers and soon to be another baby boy (coming to a family near you in October) and then there is poor 'ole me! The only estrogen producing person in the house. God help me! I always said that I wanted all boys...well, that is what I have. All boys!

Today is Friday, and I'm 35 weeks pregnant with this new little baby boy who is going to be joining our family. His name is going to be Beckett.....and if you don't like it, thats fine. You don't have to, I didn't base my baby-naming decision on everyone liking it. I know it's different, and, no, it's not your typical name. But, to me that makes it all the better! So, keep your opinions to yourself because honestly, since about week 22 when we picked this out...I've been so sick of hearing about how "thats an 'odd' name"---kinda like how I'm sick of people telling me Parker looks like the kid from Jerry McGuire....yes, I know. He has blonde hair and glasses...go figure. But, you don't need to tell me. And, that kinda makes me nervous because have you seen the Jerry McGuire kid now....he is so not cute! He looks like a little tool!

So, here we are. I have nothing really done with the baby's room, so I'm in a little bit of a panic. Parker was three weeks early and they put me on bedrest so I had a million things to do when they put me on bedrest, so now I'm in a panic to have things done. Which, I thought that things would be done a lot sooner than this, but, nope. Here we are..5 weeks out and the room is painted and all of the stuff is in there, but there is no baby clothes cleaned (well, I do have a load in the dryer at home as we speak...but folding it seems like a pain), wall hangings are either not hung or in yet (I've ordered a lot of custom stuff...gotta love E-Bay). So, I'm "planning" on getting everything, or most of it, squared away this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed. Otherwise Beckett's going to come home to a room that is not even close to being organized! I do have two things that could possibly stop me from working on it this weekend...well, three really. We might be buying a car this weekend, depending on if Scott's truck sells tonight (we will all be sad to see it go) so tomorrow we might be spending the day car shopping. Or, I bought two books the other day at Borders because I'm done with school until January so right now I have some time to actually read, which I'm totally pumped about...or Parker being a total bear and not letting me get anything finished!

So, this is my first post! We shall see how this blogging thing goes and see if I can learn how to get pictures on here and all of the other fun stuff. My husband is going to make fun of me endlessly for having a blog--he makes fun of me right now for having a MySpace page (which I have to keep me up on ALL of the gossip of course), and I'm sure my friends will too, but that's okay! Make fun of me people....I'm a blogger!

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