Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Dayz!

So, this week it came...the big snow storm of 2009! All weekend long they talked of some serious snow coming out way and we actually got it this time around!

Monday night it started snowing late in the evening and when we woke up there were about 5 inches on the ground and it kept on snowing! Parker was excited as was I and I decided that I was going to take the day off of work. I work pretty far away, it's about a 45 minute drive and Cincinnati in the snow and traffic is no fun...especially since I have to be on the busiest highway in the area. So, Scott convinced me to stay at home and enjoy the snow day with him and the boys.
This is what we woke up to on Tuesday morning.

So, Dylan came over for the day and him, Parker and Scott played outside in the snow all day long and had a blast! Getting ready of course was a challenge, as it always is trying to layer on a million pounds of clothes just to keep warm!

And, when they finally made it out in the snow, the fun began!

As soon as he walked into the snow he went straight to his knees...I don't think he was expecting the snow to be so deep and so hard for his little legs to move in!!!

But, Dylan is always there to lend a helping hand!

On the way down the hill!
Now the hard part....back UP the hill!
Daddy pulling Parker back up the hill...little legs in a 1/2 foot of snow just don't cut it!

After a couple of hours outside playing it was time to come in and rest, get warm and watch a movie! They were so pooped at this point, but I guess you would be if you just walked up and down that hill for the past couple of hours! Scott built a fire for them too so they could warm up fast!

Then we decided it was time for Beckett to try out his exersaucer. He's not really big enough to play with it, or even reach the bottom of it for that matter, but we thought that it would be something good for him to sit in and check things out...and it get's him out of the swing and we can bring him anywhere we are and not have to worry about big brother trying to do something to him! We got some REALLY great pictures.

We also tried out his high chair because we want him to be able to sit at the table with us and eat when it's breakfast/lunch/ dinner time...and he get's to start eating cereal in the next couple of weeks....I cannot believe how big he is getting! He is such a happy baby and was so excited about his new "toy". And, I think he was pretty pumped that his mommy and daddy got to spend the day with him as well.

That night Dylan spent the night and turns out that Mother Nature was not done with us! She dropped another 1-2 inches of ice on us and then once the morning hit added another 5 inches of snow! Needless to say, I stayed home from work and enjoyed another snow day with the boys and we had a blast. Did a lot of baking, playing Wii and got caught up on my Accounting homework (which I hate!).

I love days like that, where you are forced to just take it easy and stay at home. It's so nice to get a couple of days like that every now and again and it was nice to spend the day with my boys. I was sad to have to come back to work today, and to have to go out on the roads which are still not all that great. All day I wished I was cozied up in my nice warm house in comfy clothes with all of my guys......

Gotta love them snow days!

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